Iran and China had access to the Dominion voting system

Total failure of data security

At the Republicans hearing on election fraud in Michigan today, former Senator Patrick Colbeck testified that the Dominion voting machines were illegally connected to the Internet and had error messages related to hacking attacks.

At the Republicans hearing on election fraud in Michigan this past week, former Senator Patrick Colbeck testified that the Dominion voting machines were illegally connected to the Internet and had error messages related to hacking attacks.

Colbeck showed Windows Wifi connections to the voting computers, which were apparently active during the election counting procedure. Witnesses Jason Humes and Matthew Mikolajczak saw computers that reported external attacks.

It is the responsibility of the electoral authority to prove that the election was safe, otherwise, according to Article II of the US Constitution, it would be in the power of Congress to determine the electors, according to Colbeck, himself a physicist.

In his testimony yesterday, the intelligence expert Colonel Phil Waldron had also stated that the Dominion voting machines were connected to the Internet and that this could be traced back to the surveillance software “Spiderfoot”.

The lawsuit filed by Trump attorney Sidney Powell in Michigan contains the affidavit of a former intelligence expert of the 305th Military Intelligence Service (nicknamed “The Octopus”) proving the Dominion servers’ links with Iran and China.

The network analysis of the company “Dominion Voting Systems” also shows connections to servers in Belgrade, Serbia. A LinkedIn search revealed several Dominion employees in Belgrade.

The polling company Edison Research, which worked with Dominion, showed a connection to a server in Iran, according to the anonymous intelligence expert. Edison also works with the company BMA Capital Management in Pakistan, which is also linked to Iran and provides Iran with access to international financial markets.

Dominion Voting Systems also has server connections to China, according to the “Spiderfoot” analysis. This “reliable” analysis shows that Dominion sold a number of its patents to China through HSBC Bank in 2019. The affidavit also shows left-wing anti-fascist activist and Dominion “security chief” Eric Coomer as one of these patent holders. In an Antifa video conference on September 27th Coomer is reported to have said he would “prevent Trump from winning”. Coomer has since disappeared and his name deleted from the Dominion website.

The leftist activist NGO “Indivisible” also shows a server connection to the “scorecard” election manipulation software used, according to the data expert. “Indivisible” is the successor to the left-wing organization ACORN, which is closely linked to former President Barack Obama. ACORN had to disband after the undercover journalist James O’Keefe documented profound and scandalous corruption at ACORN in 2009. 

The company “Smartmatic” from Venezuela provides the “backbone” of the voting system, according to the explanation, analogous to the “cloud”. The company SCYTL from Barcelona, ​​which also co-organized the EU elections in 2019, is responsible for “security”. According to the documentation, SCYTL also has a role to “decorate” and “smooth” the data, according to the witness.

There is concrete evidence that Iranian hacking teams used the website scanner software ACUTENIX to “find vulnerabilities in Election Company websites” and “had access to US voter registers.”

“In my professional opinion, this affidavit provides clear evidence that Dominion Voting Systems and Edison Research have been compromised by unauthorized parties such as China and Iran. These firms have negligently allowed foreign powers to access data and have intentionally given them access to their infrastructure to monitor and manipulate elections, including the current US presidential election. This represents a total failure in terms of ensuring basic data security. This is not a technical issue, but a security and regulatory issue; if these errors are not corrected, US citizens will not have confidence in the security of their elections in the future,” said the witness.

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