New totalitarian furor

The story goes something like this: White men conquer the world, oppress other peoples, impose their values ​​on them; In return, they appropriate their cultural assets and integrate them into their system of rule. Just as the Romans included foreign gods in their pantheon not as a charming gesture, but rather to break the resistance of defeated peoples in the long term, the thirst for power and not curiosity is the motive here.

This safeguarding of privileges is subtle and barely noticeable. Only the “woke”, the left waking up, recognizes it through “critical whiteness studies” and other funny terms. These are then used to convince different groups how they are being oppressed by whites and therefore have to defend themselves. If that does not help, if the victim groups selected by the “Critical Race Theory” cannot be roused, the left has to take action itself.

The Left never had a good relationship with reality

Then it can happen that a lily-white US anti-fascist mob burns down a row of shops in the name of “Black Lives Matter” and thus destroys the livelihoods of black-owned small businesses. Because left ideologues and reality never had a good relationship, not even a dialectical one. It is just as certain that in their noble pursuit of a just world they are humourless and do not at all appreciate their greatest talent: the mass production of intellectually disguised nonsense.

This was made clear by Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose, who in 2017 and 2018 had the pleasure of publishing nonsense texts on left-wing identity politics in specialist magazines. Scorn and ridicule are natural responses to the gossip hatched in the humanities faculties. “Hatred and agitation” in the language of the left, pouting in tax-financed “Safe Spaces”, devising the next group of victims and planning the next world revolution.

At first it is amusing when left ideologues get tangled up in one contradiction after the other: postulating gender as the social construction of the white man and at the same time women as the oppressed victims of this constructor. Or claiming the non-existence of races and then convincing blacks, Latinos and other supposedly non-existent groups (except orientals) that they are being exploited by the white race. Yes, you have to rebel against it, celebrate your group identity as a transsexual, black or whatever. Because otherwise you are nothing.

Mischief becomes law

In fact, the identitarian left is only a new version of Bolshevism, in which the individual is nothing, and the infinitely malleable collective is everything. At the end when inexperienced but faithful disciples get into positions from which they impose their will on others, one will stop laughing. It is then no longer nonsense if, for example, racial and gender quotas become law, and one can then control most intimate relationships.

It makes no sense then to want to explain to the new rulers that such a law is illegal because it interferes with civil liberties, because it invents special rights for groups, because it sees problems where there are none. They have already proven their limitations. If you play censor because certain words and grammatical usages have been declared no longer permissible, it is pointless to talk to you about the freedom and dignity of the individual.

The identitarian left is taking over 

The love of totalitarian fury seems to be the property of the left. If they were really to question themselves critically, they would have to admit that they themselves pursue appropriations to secure rule. Nothing is more wrong than to claim that Marx personally affected the fate of the working class. He needed it as a vehicle, as a destructive hammer for the hated bourgeois society.

And so too all the left ideologues after him. There is hardly an evolving social movement that was not quickly taken over by noisy leftists who ousted everyone else. Then the way to earthly paradise is discussed.

The identitarian left is right about one thing: it is about the infiltration and occupation of organizations, groups, and movements – in short: the accumulation of power. Everything that stands in their way, that gives the individual an independent tradition and history through which he could find an identity that belongs only to him, is repugnant. That is the motive behind “Cancel Culture”: the hatred of the higher, the spiritual person.

Unmasking this pseudo-humanity is the task of real identity politics. 

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