Dementia? Ex-personal physician to President Obama delivers a devastating verdict on Joe Biden’s state of mind!

Sleepy Joe is notorious for his bumbling around like a confused old man.

Suspicion of dementia is confirmed

“Something is wrong there.” This is what Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former personal physician for US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, said about Joe Biden’s dubious state of mind.

Dr. Jackson, a retired Rear Admiral, served as a doctor in the White House between George W. Bush’s tenure through 2018.

“I think something’s wrong,” he said recently on Fox about Biden’s assembly line dropouts. He could not make a diagnosis because he had never treated Biden, but yes, according to Dr. Jackson: “I was around a lot. He’s always had one or two dropouts, but now it’s different.”

Trump passed the test with top marks

Dr. Jackson thinks that Biden should definitely undergo a cognitive test – as Donald Trump did after the mainstream media, (and also by politicians from the Democratic Party,) repeatedly claimed that his health was unsuitable for the office of President.

In 2018, Dr. Jackson subjected Trump to a highly regarded cognitive test, which the Commander in Chief “passed with grade 1” with 30 out of 30 points.

Biden is not in the mood

It is not the first time Presidential Doctor Jackson has voiced concern about Trump’s challenger. In October he said: “As a citizen of this country, I watch Joe Biden during the election campaign and I am convinced that he does not have the mental abilities, does not have the cognitive abilities to serve as our commander-in-chief.”

“I really think,” said the doctor who is now a Texas Congressman, “that he needs some kind of cognitive test before taking the reins as our commander-in-chief.”

Biden himself clearly rejected this idea. In response to a question from a CBS reporter in August, he groaned, “No, I didn’t take a test. Why the hell should I take a test? Come on, man.”

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