Enlightenment in India: Trudeau an “ill-informed” hypocrite

That’s what we get for electing a part-time substitute drama teacher:-(

India’s Foreign Ministry lashed out at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week for his support of anti-government protests across India.  Trudeau, known for looking for bandwagons to jump on, thought he found one in the form of protesting farmers in India.  However, as India’s Foreign Minister made clear, instead of a bandwagon, Trudeau found himself trapped inside a 30 year old rusted out Toyota shitbox.

At issue is India’s transition from centralized agricultural pricing to a more market oriented approach – something Canada and other Western nations have been calling on India to do for many years.  Developed nations see India’s price controls as distorting the international market, and given India’s status as a developed space faring nation, they believe that India should conform to World Trade Organization rules.

Under pressure from globalists like Trudeau and his masters in the UN, Davos, etc, India has begun to implement reforms.  All of this is beyond the capacity of a drama teacher to understand, however.  Trudeau is caught between his uncontrollable desire to be liked (and play dress-up) and his role as leader of the world’s second largest country.

In the past, Trudeau has protested against his own regime by taking to the streets with the soon-to-turn 18 Greta Thunberg.  Of course, when it came time to actually do anything about the environment that would have any effect, Trudeau has consistently balked.  Instead, he has implemented a Carbon Tax that disproportionately affects low income earners, while trust fund champagne socialists like himself suffer no lifestyle changes.  

Then, when Black Lives Matter protests erupted across America, Trudeau predictably kneeled on the streets of Ottawa to ask forgiveness and cry – his acting skills finally proving useful (to himself, not the embarrassed citizens that are forced to watch such cringeworthy shenanigans on state-funded broadcast media).

Now, a new leftist cause has arisen in India, and the reaction from Canada’s PM is predictable: thoughtlessly show support and wait for the repercussions.  We only have ourselves to blame, however.  He can do no wrong in the eyes of a distressingly large part of the electorate that has twice elected him.  Remember, this is a person who has regularly paraded around in blackface – and still gets elected.  His ethics violations, immature behaviour, and impulsive public statements are quickly cleaned up by professional fixers in the PMO (who are probably not getting paid enough), while smart people pull this quockerwodger’s strings.

Will the voters chastise Trudeau for his latest misstep? Not a chance.

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