Incitement by the mainstream media: Rudy Giuliani is a conspiracy theorist

While the US Republicans and the Trump team work to solve the US election fraud, the mainstream media are doing all they can to ridicule Trump and his team.

The propaganda machine of the US mainstream media is working overtime: Donald Trump is a poor loser in the election and Rudy Giuliani is a “joke” who adheres to conspiracy theories. Not a word about the facts, about the witnesses, about the Dominion software, about the extra ballots. Instead, the Trump team is ridiculed.

The allegations of electoral fraud are conspiracy theories such as those about the US moon landing, the Kennedy assassination or 9/11, are completely unfounded, the mainstream media claim.

And they try every day to convince US citizens that they should no longer take the announcements from the White House seriously, because Trump will soon be replaced by Joe Biden anyway. Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s press releases are commented on as if they were comedies or satirical events. The Canadian mainstream media are aping the US mainstream media. 

A new accusation against Trump is now that he is staging the “play” of electoral fraud so that in the end as many Americans as possible will not accept Joe Biden as the legitimate president.

What is missing is an honest examination of the abundance of evidence, witnesses and videos that clearly point to fraud and manipulation in the elections. That is simply swept under the carpet.

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