Study warns: Home office makes people more racist

Does working at home stir up racism and prejudice? A study that is currently circulating in the international news media warns about this. At the same time, the researchers provide other interesting insights that are particularly likely to offend leftists.

Diversity fans alarmed: Less multiculturalism through home office?

A new study by the Woolf Institute in Cambridge claims, according to an article on the British news channel BBC, that around three-quarters of employees who shared offices worked in a culturally diverse environment.

But now that people are no longer meeting in offices, the willingness to make friends with people from other cultures is also dwindling. “The study warns,” says the article, “that without alternatives to the classic office, the opportunities for social mixing between different religious and cultural groups will decrease sharply.”

There are many comments on Twitter lamenting the loss of diversity in the workplace . For example, an organization that advocates for minorities and diversity writes: “If we stop going to the office, there is a risk that we will lack the opportunity to interact with people who are not like us.”

Further results destroy left-wing dreams of diversity

The study also looks at the attitudes of people in England and Wales towards cultural diversity and multicultural society. And the results speak volumes.

The authors of the study write: “Respondents who lived in local communities with more cultural diversity were more likely to perceive cultural diversity negatively in the UK .” At the same time, 60% of respondents reported that the number of migrants in England and Wales has increased too quickly.

When it comes to marriage behavior within different cultures, the researchers found that Muslims are most likely to be confronted with prejudice from other religious minorities. At the same time, they are the religious group with the most negative attitudes towards intercultural marriages.

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