How will Biden be useful to Russia?

Russia really needs Joe Biden. Under Trump, there was always controversy in Russia about whether or not America was an ally.  Under Biden, these disputes will end and more constructive ones will take their place: the question is now how much and how soon will Biden submit to Russia.  Long live Biden, the best motivator for correct strategic planning and goal-setting!

However, in order to understand where and in what way Russia will be able to win with the accession of this weak geriatric, it is necessary to determine: what is Sleepy Joe going to do in his new post? Obviously he will need several weeks if not months to shuffle into his new office in the White House, but let’s not forget: Biden is just a face. They will plop him in a rocking chair in front of a television with a blanket on his lap and he will steer the nation from there without regaining consciousness. It is better to ask What are those who brought him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue going to do?

Sometime in early October, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came out with hysterical enthusiasm that life would never return to its former course, and that we should destroy the old world and build a new one. The exact slogan – Build Back Better. A number of other Western politicians also spoke out under the same slogan and at about the same time, including Justin Trudeau.

The initiator of this slogan is The World Economic Forum, openly declaring that capitalism is dead and it is necessary to build “something else.” It would seem that ordinary citizens should rebel and destroy the WEF for these words alone. But instead of a general rebellion amongst Western nations, the heretical WEF was supported by the IMF, the UN, the Soros Foundation, the entire British crown, and a number of similar structures. They, like parrots, suddenly began to sing in unison – “There is a narrow window of opportunity to change the world.”  Oh, and Polly wants a cracker!

The World Bank has published the deadline for this window to open and indicated the tools for “opening”:

From 2020 to 2025, with the help of military forces, threat centers and isolation rooms, the above-mentioned rebuilders will actively construct a new world, the project of which is worth studying, especially since no one is hiding anything – here is a video about the WEF’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in which everything is described in detail:

The centralized distribution of resources, the rule of machines, the implantation of artificial intelligence in humans, the centralized management of countries, societies, resources, which will be carried out by a thin layer of technocrats. The video clearly states that bodies will become so high-tech that the line between body and technology will be erased. There will be new castes of people – genRich and genPoor – those who went for genetic modification and those who did not.  We are already seeing VaxRich and VaxPoor.

Education and the media will be completely digitalized – this means immediate censorship according to computer algorithms. On the website of The World Economic Forum, there is a transformation chart, an interactive map. There is not a single area of ​​life that has not been calculated. There is also human enhancement, behaviorism, neuro-programming and so on. It concerns everything from geopolitics to mining. The map itself, according to information from the site, has existed since 2017 – only a few points about the current plague have been added to it. The ideologs are well prepared. By the way, what kind of ideology do they mean?

And here it suddenly turns out that the root ideology of the great reset is Marxism. And at once a lot of things converge. One of the founders of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, is a self-admitted “trained marxist”.

The most poignant neo-Marxist is the Pope, who, between the sanctification of same-sex marriage and prayers for artificial intelligence, took the time to express the “fairy” of capitalism and call for its radical reform with the participation of the poor.

Grandiose reforms are planned. Basic capitalist shareholders are to be abolished. Instead of them, ‘stakeholders’ are now called for – interested parties, involved but never an owner. That is, ownership of the means of production is abolished altogether. Hordes of the unemployed and the ruined are planned to be transferred to a universal basic income. And in Canada they have been talking about this for a long time. Isn’t that communism? Monthly free rations in exchange for obedience.

For a long time articles have been circulating that animals are carriers of viruses, and that domesticated farm animals are harming the environment. In addition to emitting CO2, cows and other livestock are carriers of some kind of super infection and all of them must be disposed of.

All of this is what old man Biden and those who are behind him are going to build in the next 4 years in the United States and throughout the Western world. And now the question:

How can Russia benefit from all this movement?

Russia is the only country in the world that has already experienced the introduction and collapse of totalitarian models and knows what will happen next – how equalization, prohibition and total control at the technical level over any “sneeze” will affect the psychology of people.

Accordingly, Russia is able to win if it simply does not take part in this Witches Sabbath. The West has earned their Marxism and must taste it to the fullest. The main thing for Russia is to arrange nets along the borders for catching wildlings.

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