Muslim-Canadian Black Lives Matter racist leader prays to Allah to prevent her from killing whites. Faces no consequences.

Yusra Khogali is co-founder of the “Black Lives Matter” movement in Canada and is considered to be the head of the national movement.

She calls herself a “black feminist, author, performance artist and public intellectual”, but in reality she is just a racist.

Confused, racist thesis: “Black Lives Matter” activist describes whites as genetic defects

For example, earlier Facebook posts by the Canadian BLM activist appeared on social media in July 2020, in which she described white skin as subhuman and whites as genetic defects.

She substantiates this racist thesis with confused theories about the skin pigment melanin.

Khogali denies humanity to whites

Being white is not human” – with these words Khogali, who also co-founded a radical left-wing black student movement, introduces her post.

But she goes even further (corrected for spelling, grammar and readability): “ White skin is subhuman, and white people are a genetic defect of being black.” The whole thing is part of a downright racist and barely comprehensible pamphlet:


Award-winning racist thinks melanin is superhuman pigment

Then Khogali, who received an award from the city of Toronto for her work  explains why whites are genetic defects and blacks are supermen.

She lists that the skin pigment melanin is a basis of life, is directly related to human fertility and ensures strong bones.

The nervous system and the human senses would also be strengthened by melanin, as well as intelligence, memory and creativity.

“Black Lives Matter” co-founder imagines mass murder of whites

Since fair-skinned people usually have less melanin than dark-skinned people, the activist comes to the conclusion: “Whites need racism to ensure their survival. Black people could use their dominant genes to wipe out the white race if they had the power to do so!


It is not the first time that Khogali has written publicly about her murderous fantasies. She had said on Twitter: “Please Allah, give me the strength not to kill these men and whites out there.”

After her statements became public, Khogali relativized her failures as ” idioms and rhetorical blossoms ” and described herself as “a person who calls for justice.”

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