Courage never goes out of style

To subjugate a people, you must smash their courage and their enduring symbols. That is why the victorious powers of the past and the mobs of today are targeting statues and symbols.

However, as the only true virtue, courage never goes out of style. We admire it even within our mortal enemy. In order to humiliate or force one into trembling obedience, art, books, sculpture, or symbols of courage must be destroyed or degraded. The destroyers do not feel that they belong to society and want to transform it according to foreign models. They want to break our steel backbone. In bondage, cowardice and passivity are seen as virtues. The demolished statues and symbols testify to the virtue of courage even more than the person represented.

The names we cherish are those of the brave and fearless: those who ate last, put themselves in danger first, suffered hardship, and sacrificed everything for those who needed their protection. When external circumstances or conscience compel a man or woman to show their colors and choose A or B, you are not enjoying the clarity of a retrospective judgment of good and bad. They don’t know who will win after years of drawn-out struggle.

In modern Canada, men are not strong, women are often fearful. It’s unnatural. True Canadians are extremely brave, both men and women. The occupiers and the mob succeeded in tearing down symbols, but they can not erase the virtue of courage.

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