US federal law enforcement agencies are investigating Biden’s involvement in China

The US presidential election is over. The votes have still not been counted and the various lawsuits dealt with, but it is noticeable that now – after the election – the US federal criminal authorities are dealing with the entanglement of the Biden clan in China business.

The investigation of two US federal agencies (Treasury Department and Justice Department) focuses on the dubious and allegedly highly criminal machinations of the Biden clan in connection with various China deals. It is not only about tax evasion and similar violations, especially by the son Hunter Biden, but also whether and in what form and extent his father Joe Biden brought his fingers (and possibly other body parts) into play. Both Bidens are, among other things, suspected of sexual assault against minors.

Before the US presidential election, the authorities kept a low profile to prevent the shadow of the younger Biden’s criminal business from falling on the father’s election campaign. But now that the election is over(?), they want to shed light on the matter. A spokesman for the investigative authorities of the Treasury Department (IRS) confirmed this information at the request of a US TV station.

Son Hunter Biden is reportedly surprised by the investigation. Above all, he says he does not understand the investigation by the tax authorities. Biden junior has said that he always handled these transactions with great care. So far, there have been no comments on the investigation from the camp of Sleepy Joe. As a precautionary measure, people surrounding him are ducking their heads so that the expected media bombardment can pass by.

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