12 professions that need a quota for women

Women’s quotas are undoubtedly a great thing. The fair sex is finally sitting in boardrooms and executive suites. We are of the firm opinion that this cannot be the end of the line and would like to propose quotas for women for the following 12 professions. These arrogant men should finally vacate their privileged positions!

1 miner

What do you mean women can’t do it physically? The privileged patriarchy speaks again!

2 butchers / butcheresses

Are you saying that women shouldn’t slaughter or gut animals? Who are you to forbid them?!

3 bouncers

Women should end brawls in front of the nightclub!

4 waste disposal

Man’s work? Oh, you and your privilege …

5 prison guards

The prisons are overcrowded with people who dislike or even despise women, so it is high time to teach them manners.

6 Bomb disposal

Bomb threats, unexploded ordinance, landmines – 50% women quota now!

7 Window cleaners for high-rise buildings

A whole new perspective on the executive floors of the world. Please also for women!

8 Fishermen

Out to sea for days in wind and weather, hauling nets weighing many pounds and gutting fish. This self-realization must no longer be withheld from women!

9 Farmer

Because of the hard and poorly paid work in the fields, on the farm and in the stables, there are fewer and fewer farmers in Canada. So this is where real woman power is needed.

10 Forestry workers

Anyone who thinks that women shouldn’t work with heavy vehicles, chainsaws and axes all day long hates women.

11 Undertakers

After all, the industry is recession-proof!

12 industrial divers

Less coral reef and the Caribbean, more supertankers and sewage treatment plants. Let’s not allow the champions of feminism to have fought in vain!

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