How dare he: Guterres calls for a declaration of a “climate emergency”

Five years after the Paris Agreement, UN Secretary General Guterres has called on the world to declare a “climate emergency.”  He warned of a “catastrophic rise in temperature” later this century.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has asked the countries of the world to declare a “climate emergency” which should apply until CO2 neutrality is achieved – that is, until no additional greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, he said at the start of a digital climate summit five years after the Paris climate agreement was passed.

The world is still not going in the right direction, warned Guterres. In Paris, the states had promised to limit the temperature rise as close to 1.5 degrees as possible. But the climate protection commitments made there were not enough, and not even these would be kept. “Today we are 1.2 degrees warmer than in the period before industrialization,” said the UN Secretary General. If we do not change course, we are heading for a “catastrophic rise in temperature of more than three degrees” in this century. “Can anyone deny that we are facing a dramatic emergency?”

“Green way” after the corona pandemic?

38 states have already declared a “climate emergency,” including Canada. In doing so, they are taking into account the urgency and the risk, said Guterres. “I urge everyone else to join in.” The world is not doomed to failure. The development after the corona pandemic offers an opportunity to lead the economy and society on a “green path”. So far this has not been the case. The 20 big industrial nations put too much money into fossil fuels through their rescue packages, warned the UN Secretary General.

Many cities, regions and states have already declared a climate emergency or a state of emergency; the Liberal government did so on June 17, 2019, with only Conservative MPs voting against. This is a symbolic act that underlines the urgency of the climate crisis in the minds of champagne socialists.

Trudeau promises further aid for poor countries

In a speech, Prime Minister Trudeau’s then-Environment Minister Catherine McKenna  referred to Agenda 2030 when she committed to phase out coal by 2030. “Canada is aware of its responsibility and that ambitious goals also require ambitious national contributions,” she said. In addition to the expansion of renewable energies, she mentioned CO2 pricing in the form of the infamous Carbon Tax.

Trudeau also stated that Canada would advocate for an international climate finance process. All states should be able to finance climate protection investments, he said. For this, Canada wants to provide an additional foreign “aid.”  “Canada is delivering $2.65 billion over five years to help developing countries transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient economies.” Does anyone believe a cent of this money will be used for “clean energy”?  MOre likely it will line the pockets of third world despots and aid agency executives.

In Copenhagen in 2009, the industrialized countries promised to mobilize US $ 100 billion annually from public and private sources for climate protection in developing countries by 2020. The United Nations recently criticized that this mark had not yet been reached.

Biden promises to return to Paris Agreement

The UN video conference is to prepare for the next major climate summit in Glasgow, which has been postponed until next year due to the corona pandemic. The USA will be there again, having not taken part this time.

The future US President Joe Biden, however, promised on the occasion of the anniversary of the Paris Agreement that his country would return to the agreement. “The United States will rejoin the Paris Agreement on the first day of my presidency,” he said. In the first 100 days of his term in office, he wants to convene a climate summit for the major economic powers. His government will tighten the US climate targets and put the country on a path that will bring greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 at the latest, said the short-sighted president-elect.

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