Where to, dear state?

Freedom, property and security are passé

The constitution is not worth much in times of corona

We live in a time in which our freedoms are being eliminated with great strides. Freedom does not automatically exist, it must and it always had to be fought for and defended. If it was won and successfully defended, it had to be protected. For this purpose, civil liberties were decided, written down and put into effect.

The idea of ​​civil liberties has its roots in the countries of the West, in Europe and in the United States. Freedom and civil rights are the foundation of our western culture. Three basic civil rights, from which others derive, are non-negotiable with us and it is the first duty of a constitutional state to guarantee them:

  1. Freedom – The right to individual freedom of citizens.
  2. Property – Citizens’ right to property and its protection.
  3. Security – The right to internal and external security of citizens and their country.

All three points are in question due to the policy of the Trudeau government. Freedom is massively restricted in the context of “Corona”. From the right to protect oneself from infection, the duty to obedience is derived, to submit to the prescribed measures without criticism. Our internal security was massively reduced by Trudeau personally in 2017 when he opened the borders arbitrarily and negligently, inviting the third world in.

The ability of the armed forces to defend itself as a guarantor of external security has been damaged for years by Trudeau’s incompetent ministers who value “equity” and “gender” over competence. The property of the Canadians has also long been an issue under Trudeau always with the argument of some kind of “rescue”.  Taxes keep rising and the spectre of massive inflation is held in check by more and more spending. “Because of Corona” an enormous amount of money is being printed out and an enormous destruction of values ​​is being initiated that could overshadow everything that has existed so far.

The freedom of the critics and those who think differently

Freedom and rights only make sense if they protect those who are currently unable to exercise power and restrict those who are currently in power.

Of course there is criticism, but it does not appear officially. The free media have developed into a kind of parallel reality that is usually ignored or fought by everyone in power. Anyone who expresses themselves differently, no matter how competent or renowned they are, no matter how stringent and well-founded their arguments are, no longer appears officially or gets the stamp “controversial” or “racist”. This has a direct effect on the perception of the population. The two most powerful weapons of the rulers are the mainstream media, which has been brought almost completely into line, and the appropriately instrumentalized constitutional protection.

From a “democracy tax” to an actual propaganda tax

The “democracy tax”, i.e. public broadcasting (which now includes private broadcasters that accept government handouts), is intended to guarantee “independent journalism” and “reliable information for the citizens” through billions of funding from taxpayers that is enormously lavish in international comparison. How “independent” this lavishly paid journalism is, we can see from the content and the political attitudes of its makers: It is not independent. Their agenda depends on the rulers whose song is being sung. Anyone who wants to benefit from the government’s media money that has been collected from taxpayers must have a mainstream political stance and spread it. The disseminated information is selective and is suitably prepared ideologically and served to the unwilling customer. Financing this is not a “democracy tax”. Democracy lives from respectful dialogue. It’s a de facto propaganda tax.

Where do you want to go? How far do we want to go?

Perhaps we are not quite in a dictatorship yet. But the mechanisms that lead to it, the methods that enable it, are here. A permanent state of emergency is being declared by the rulers, be it climate or Corona; they are empowered to control the citizens, ultimately giving them almost unlimited power over them and their lives. The citizen has been redefined from the sovereign of the state to its dependent servant and tool. The individual has to fit in with the crowd. Anyone who does not comply is the subject of this week’s Two Minutes Hate. The majority has bowed to the state and its rulers.

How long do you want to go like this? How far do we want to go?

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