A wolf never protects the sheep

It is certainly very unfair to compare the wolf, which has its niche in nature, with a person like Justin Trudeau. Unlike Trudeau, a wolf is at the mercy of its instincts, which is why it kills sheep even when it is not plagued by hunger. So nobody would come up with the absurd idea of ​​having a wolf tend a flock of sheep.

Nobody in the current Canadian political scene has deliberately sharpened, dramatized and unabashedly used the corona events for higher ambitions as Justin Trudeau and his handlers. Nobody plays the alleged savior of the old and sick in such a mendaciously sentimental way as the outwardly recognizable despiser of all those whom he believes he recognizes as weak. Only with a majority of the population that – driven into fear of death by people like Trudeau – is filled with paralysis, conformity and willingness to denounce, a politician like this one can become a “friend of the people”.

And it also takes a degenerate political-media power bloc that doesn’t give a damn about constitutional decision-making processes and parliamentarism in general, in order to give Trudeau such power in a fateful crisis of society. 

Trudeau, however, does not shy away from this legacy; someone like him, who wants to oblige the entire population to protect themselves with a completely new, completely inadequately tested vaccine against a virus that is neither particularly dangerous nor even fatal for the vast majority of people – such a person wants to act much more brutally and radically as a “protective” wolf in the people’s flock of sheep in the coming major crises. It is therefore high time to put Justin Trudeau behind a high fence before he does much more damage.

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