The UN climate summit: after the state of emergency is before the state of emergency

According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the so-called “climate emergency” should be imposed “until climate neutrality is achieved”.

It was all so predictable. Only the most naive could have believed that the state of emergency that has existed in large parts of the world for the past nine months would end at some point. When people have secured more power, they will not give it up voluntarily.

Power makes you greedy. This is no different in Corona times than in any other epoch in human history. In the past, however, warfare with armies and weapons was necessary to enforce claims to power. Today, this is done by supranational organizations that were once founded as institutions that unite people, but have long since served the global implementation of collectivist ideologies and the establishment of favoured industries. They have developed into powerful organizations whose weapons are as devastating as tanks and cannons.

Whether it is the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or all the other satellites that allegedly revolve around the increasingly frail democracies for the benefit of the world community – people’s lives are no longer determined where their home is. Uniform, global action is the order of the day because, supposedly, this is the only way to counteract the many threats to human life, the inflationary emergence of which threats is extremely considerable. In the past, many of the prophecies of the self-proclaimed do-gooders have not come true, predicted horror scenarios have not materialized and the predicted end of the world has to be postponed again and again. Yet people continue to believe them.

“Climate emergency” legalizes permanent encroachments on fundamental rights

Now UN Secretary General Guterres has let the cat out of the bag: Even after Corona, nobody in the ruling Olympus is thinking of letting go of the reins again. On the occasion of a virtual climate summit in London, the Portuguese UN head, who once served as President of the Socialist International and later organized the flow of refugees as UN High Commissioner, demanded that the heads of state and government of all countries immediately declare a “climate emergency”. What has already happened as a symbolic gesture in many cities and regions is to be institutionalized in this way in order to permanently legalize new, far-reaching encroachments on fundamental rights through legal anchoring.

While we have already given up a considerable part of our constitutional rights for “health reasons”, the second step on “saving” the climate will soon follow. Realists should be aware that the emergency laws that are now being implemented will last indefinitely. No one takes back laws that are once there. The Damoclean Sword of a suspected pandemic threat will hover over democracy long after Corona.

The next wave of flu, or perhaps just the measles outbreak in daycare centers in a region, could set the legal mechanisms in motion again. Guterres also wants to force this for so-called climate protection. And he has good cards. The state of emergency should be imposed “until climate neutrality is achieved”. The fact that this term is as unscientific as all the other metrics, statistical models and decision-making parameters on which climate, environmental or corona policy is based is no longer noticed.

The poorest of the poor are thrown back generations

The core of the UN Secretary General’s dramatic appeal is the call for the avoidance of any “additional greenhouse gases”. The crude populist demand is dangerous because it is not only based on a lack of a basic understanding of the highly complex climate, but above all propagates an activism that – similar to what we are experiencing with the Corona measures – will lead to unmistakable collateral damage. The developing and emerging countries would be thrown back by generations if the climate ideology of the western world were to be imposed on them – which it won’t, because that would be “racist”.

Already today, soberly, experts state that the achievements of many countries in the “Third World” – success in their health care systems, the reduction in mortality and the leap out of total poverty – have been destroyed in less than a year by Corona. The poorest of the poor face even more hardship if the rigid UN climate regime is mandated globally. The $2.65 billion hastily pledged to the third world by the Trudeau Government in additional “climate money” will not change that. Billions of people have completely different problems than the ivory tower dwellers of Western politics. And a “climate emergency” is not to be seen anywhere anyway. At best, a climate change to which we have to adapt.

In disarming openness, one of the people expressed what was actually behind the UN initiative: British Prime Minister Johnson promised millions of “green” jobs. It’s about establishing new business models. And as with Corona, a prescribed “state of emergency” should enable rapid implementation against all previous resistance. What a transparent game.

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