Vaccinations: a dry run for dictatorship

There are more than enough people who are excited about being vaccinated against the virus. For them, the vaccination is not very different from downloading the Corona app on their smartphone a few months ago. At that time, however, something was added to a machine, but now it is your own body that is given a completely new medicine; that will not concern those who want to get back to normal as quickly as possible and under all circumstances.

Now this desire is very understandable. And the normal, naive person of the decadent present times, raised on insatiable consumption of thirst for adventure, is only too happy to believe that the “lockdown” wasteland can finally be ended with massive vaccination. That is why he will have very little understanding for all those who are skeptical or negative about the vaccination. For this type of person, someone like Justin Trudeau is the right man, namely someone who wants to break out the whip to bring the vaccine-shy to reason.

Such people do not want to believe that the puppet Trudeau has protected himself with the statement: “This is not a magic bullet!” because we know that immunity against the disease caused by the virus, which has long since mutated, will not be guaranteed by the vaccination. In any case, it is completely unclear how long the hoped-for vaccination effect will last. A few months or a few years, nobody knows, none of the manufacturers will guarantee anything in this regard.

Even less will the vaccine producers or the politically responsible give guarantees that there will be no negative reactions or long-term effects after the vaccination. It is clear to everyone: after such a short development period and such inadequate testing, the new mRNA vaccines are a truly gigantic human experiment. However, everyone who makes their body available must know this. Nobody can later claim to have suspected nothing.

It is a really exciting question how many millions will not shy away from this risk, who, due to their age and constitution, are exposed to completely different and far greater dangers than the virus itself. If it is possible to get perfectly healthy people in their thirties and forties, not to mention children and adolescents, to the vaccination centers, then the Trudeaus, the panic media and the profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies will undoubtedly have achieved great things. Then the courage will increase enormously to dare completely different acts with these modern normal people.

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