It tips over: only half of Americans believe in Biden victory

Trump advisor and former foreign trade director Peter Navarro said in an interview with Maria Baritromo that a special investigator was necessary in order to clear up the irregularities in the US election campaign. Harvard economist Navarro last week published the most definitive report yet on the possible manipulation of the November 3rd election.

Trump met with several top White House congressmen Monday, including Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, and Louie Gohmert, leading voices in the fight against suspected election fraud, Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tweeted. Several Republican congressmen have announced that the Swing States electors will be held on January 6 including Mo Brooks, Alabama, Matt Gaetz (Florida), Tommy Tuberville, Alabama, and Jody Hice (Georgia), Madison Cawthorn, North Carolina. Donald Trump and his supporters have called for a demonstration in Washington for January 6: “It’s getting wild!” he wrote on December 19.

Attorney Sidney Powell visited the White House again on Monday, fueling speculation that she was slated for the special investigative role. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani denied this: “Sidney Powell is not part of our legal team, not for 5 weeks,” said Giuliani, who on November 19 held another press conference with Powell. “She speaks neither for the president nor for the government. She’s a great woman, a great lawyer, but what she says is only her personal opinion.” On Sunday, Giuliani announced a “completely new strategy” in Trump’s defense, focusing on Powell’s focus on election fraud by Dominion voting machines.

Since the Dominion system is rumored to have been developed on behalf of the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez with the so-called “Smartmatic” software in order to manipulate elections unnoticed, a court-proof argument could be difficult. The broadcaster Newsmax yesterday had to read out a correction, apparently on threat of legal action, in which it denied many of these allegations. Attorney Lin Wood wrote to Smartmatic’s attorneys on December 20 about similar threats of lawsuit against Sidney Powell: “I represent Sidney Powell. I am unimpressed. We don’t take anything back.”

Giuliani yesterday in his podcast called for a review of all Dominion voting machines in the swing states. “If you have nothing to hide, what’s the problem?”

Trump tweeted on Monday that there was “Big news coming out of Pennsylvania. Very big illegal ballot drop. Election fraud. “

According to a poll by Rasmussen, for the first time as many Americans (47%) believe that the election was not done right as did those who believe Joe Biden won fairly (47%). After that, 85% of Democrats believe Joe Biden won the election fairly, but only 10% of Republicans.

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