Polish government enacts anti-censorship law

Social media censorship of legal posts is now illegal in Poland

Orgies of censorship on Facebook, Youtube and other social networks should be a thing of the past in Poland. The deletion of content that does not violate any law is itself defined as a violation of the law. Poland wants to prevent the ideological censorship that is spreading among the operators of social media.

The operators of many social media are now subjecting their platforms to ideological censorship. Strictly left-oriented, whoever and whatever does not correspond to the given thought pattern is deleted and blocked. 

While the Trudeau government apologizes for terrorists and blames free speech for their crimes, the Polish rebellion is taking a completely different path. Ironically, the Polish government, which Trudeau accuses of opposing fundamental and human rights, is now passing a law to protect freedom of expression and freedom of speech in social networks.

Posts posted on social media that do not violate any law may not be deleted or otherwise censored. That is what the new legislative initiative provides. In addition, there should be a “Special Court for Freedom of Speech”, i.e. an authority that can punish violations of the social network. The “law on the freedom to express one’s own convictions and the search for and dissemination of information on the Internet” is just as stilted in terms of its name as the “law to improve law enforcement in social networks”, but it is in contrast to the Trudeau group of political-media censorship of the user. In the event of violations of the law, the operators face fines of up to 1.8 million euros.

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