The Great Reset: The Program for the Great Communist Totalitarian Revolution

In the summer, the term appeared for the first time in the slipstream of the Corona plague. Now we know the name of the avalanche that tears us down. The corona virus has been sweeping the globe for almost a year, and more and more people have the feeling that something is rotten about the terrible epidemic.

Inconsistencies without end, harassment of the citizens and the targeted destruction of livelihoods, industries and freedoms as the primary task of the authorities. Not only here in Canada, but all over the world, especially in the west.

This suspicion does not seem very far-fetched. In the summer, when people were slowly getting used to a certain normalcy, we heard about the “Great Reset”. There was talk of the new beginning and the unique opportunity that Covid-19 would offer us.

What is the WEF and who is Klaus Schwab?

The “World Economic Forum”, or WEF for short, is a globally active foundation based in Geneva, to whose annual meeting in January in Davos 3,000 of the most important international figures travel in their jets to exchange views on current problems. But not only top managers and owners of the 1,000 largest companies on the planet float in, but also super-brains, ultra-rich, activists, union leaders, celebrities, politicians, media makers and everyone who has something to say. The mastermind of the event is Klaus Schwab, and has been for 50 years. During this time he has taken the forum to unimagined heights and, according to “Time Magazine”, is one of the 100 most influential people in the world, his popular nickname “God” says a lot. Nobody has such easy access to all the world’s rulers as he does. In July, the man published a controversial work, “Covid-19: The great reset”. 

Totalitarian overthrow planned

The work has to be ready for a long time; Corona only serves as a suitable trigger for the application. If it hadn’t been the virus, it would have been a lunar eclipse or something like that. Second: Under a thin layer of humus made of sustainability, justice and ecology, you come across old material. A bit pepped up and decorated with digital frills, but this is what “Bolshevism 4.0” could look like, prepared for the Greta generation. Who should eat this humbug? The Greta generation.

Third: Corporations that have operated with unlimited greed, having eked out every last cent from the populous through profit and taxes, now need to find new sources of !MONEY! with a brutal system change thanks to the virus, and use this little book to prescribe a complete paradigm shift towards small green globalism.

Unfortunately, we have to assume that it is the program for the next few years, the instructions for the great communist-totalitarian overthrow under another name. Because Dr. Schwab and his WEF are, it is becoming clearer every day, an organization like something out of a James Bond film, probably the most powerful network of all and de facto already a world government.

Worldwide connection

Klaus Schwab, born into a family of industrialists in Ravensburg, Germany, had graduated from several elite universities by 1971, published his first book on economics and founded the WEF with the support of the European Commission, back then as a “management forum”.

For the global “doers”, it becomes a matter of honor to belong to that exclusive circle that gathers every year in January in the Swiss posh town of Davos. And they all eat out of Klaus Schwab’s hand. His influence grows and grows, he belongs to the steering committee of the Bilderberg conferences, the list of his prizes and honorary doctorates is getting longer and longer.The WEF is in the money, naming its partner companies, but not the exact financing. The surplus of the enormous contribution payments amount to half a billion dollars.

“The atmosphere is unique, like a large scout camp. Winding, cozy, the largest in the world in one place, all to yourself. And you are there! As a young guy, it’s just extremely cool to suddenly be next to people like Bill Gates,” said one attendee.

Schwab knows this and promotes this exchange. He made the acquaintance of Henry Kissinger himself at Harvard in the 1970s, a very lasting contact for him, as he says. It is a bit surprising that these “Masters of the Universe” are now coming to light with such drastic plans, because without the support of the top players, Mr. Schwab would not dare these ideas.  Larry Fink, head of BlackRock, for example, can be smuggled directly into the high-security wing in Davos, hold an audience there and tell the lower-ranking silverback what’s going on (BlackRock holds huge shares in ALL top 1,000 companies). A small group of immeasurably wealthy and powerful people are now coming out as a band of radical salon communists and ordering humanity to completely reorganize their daily lives – down to the last detail.  Why?  Just because?

Why is Dr. Schwab, now 82, after recovering from cancer, not with his great-grandchildren, like other sedate men – who at this age are usually not even given the remote control?

Democracy? No thanks!

These people mostly live completely detached in their ivory towers, far away from any reality and without anyone daring to contradict them. Many of them often suffer from a certain megalomania and are desperate to leave their footprint on the world. Money has been boring for a long time. 

What is alarming about it is the unimaginable power of these elites. The cumulative market values ​​and sales of the participating WEF companies run into the trillions. In addition to the international organizations, you have all the giants of the banking, media, pharmaceutical, defense, and food industries in your group, plus the giants of data acquisition, telecommunications and biotech.  What makes the situation even more unsettling is the shyness of the rulers to allow democratic decision making; you just do whatever you want, whether we mortals like it or not.

For example the partnership that the WEF entered into with the United Nations in June 2019 to accelerate the introduction of Agenda 2030. All 193 UN member countries have signed. Surprised you never heard of it?

Dr. Schwab and his friends have created additional armies with sub-organizations and NGOs. The “Young Global Leaders” foundation for “exceptional people” up to 40 or the “Global Shapers Community” for committed young people. Thousands have already completed the internal training. Why did the BLM and Climate/Greta signs in Cologne and Houston look so alike? What a surprise that George Soros is also a key element of the WEF and has just donated a billion dollars for education in Davos this year!

Upheaval and destruction

Unfortunately, this book “Covid-19: The Great Reset” is to be taken dead seriously, and it has the same purpose as Mao’s Red Book or “Mein Kampf”: There should be no more uncertainties about the true intentions. 

The great upheaval means destruction, and destruction is necessary for these people, because only out of chaos will the new prison planet arise. As always in history with Marxist experiments, people’s suffering doesn’t matter.

When the virus will soon take a breather on the ruins of our world and suddenly radical groups crawl out of their caves everywhere as if by magic and start rioting and pillaging against racism, inequality and climate change, then you know: Greetings from the Great Reset!

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