Upside down world: How the left throw their ideals overboard

In times of crisis in particular, it is telling whether you stand by your own ideals or not. The left don’t. They even turn their ideals into their opposite. A few current examples demonstrate this transformation.

In the past, the western left fought against repressive measures by the state and the capitalist system. They were on the front line against such measures; often they were the only ones who fought against them. They reacted almost reflexively to anything that could restrict individual freedom and self-realization.

Nowadays, leftists prevent demonstrations against repressive measures, e.g. demonstrations against the Canadian government’s corona measures. The demonstrators are placed in the right-hand corner and labeled as “right-wing extremists”, “anti-Semites”, “conspiracy theorists” and “Nazis”.

An exception to this is the contribution by the free press on the pro-American demonstrations on December 12 in Washington.  When Antifa are the cleaning force for authoritarian decree-governors and yell down everything that smells like criticism, no matter whether it is necessary or appropriate. The free press criticized the brutal appearance of leftist groups and reminded the left of their old ideal of fighting against repressive measures by the state.

The left used to be the greatest critics and opponents of the public service media. They called them a mouthpiece of the capitalist system.

Today you can no longer see anything of this negative attitude. On the contrary: The government is vehemently defended by the left. This became clear in the debate about increasing the Carbon Tax. Left-wing politicians forced an increase in the tax while opponents of the increase were described as “climate deniers” and “right-wing extremists.”

The Carbon Tax represents a financial burden for people from the lower classes – especially during the Corona crisis. Actually, the left should oppose the increase of this tax, even for its reduction or even abolition, in order to relieve the socially disadvantaged. This also shows that the left have turned another of their old ideals, namely that of working for the socially disadvantaged, into the opposite.

The left used to be critical of religion. They not only invented modern atheism, but also put it into practice. The efforts of the left have resulted in Canada becoming atheist. Criticism of religion was an integral part of the left worldview. According to Karl Marx, the criticism of religion is the prerequisite for all criticism. He sees religion as a false consciousness and an instrument of power for the ruling class. Religion should be abolished.

Not only criticism of religion, but an active fight against religion was part of the left self-image. The communists in Eastern Europe tried to stamp out religion entirely. The western left fought against Christianity by starting the sexual revolution, advocating abortion and replacing religious education with ethics classes.

Nowadays you don’t notice anything of this anti-religious attitude. The left, on the other hand, shows understanding and solidarity with Islam, i.e. with a religion that contradicts their ideas and ways of life much more than Christianity. They vilify critics of Islam as “Islamophobic”, “racist” and “right-wing populist” and often harass them. “The squad” of American “congresspeople” have even demanded Facebook remove all anti-islamic posts.

The left used to be the biggest opponent of globalization. This was seen by them as an “arch-conservative”, “reactionary” project. The left saw globalization as an instrument of American expansionism, especially economic expansionism. 

The expansion of capitalism served the goal of expanding the area of Western economies to include Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.  A visit to Beijing shows how strongly Western ideas have conquered that country. You don’t need war today to conquer countries.

Nothing can be seen of the anti-globalization stance of the left today. Not rejection, but the unreserved acceptance of globalization determines their attitude today. The Great Reset of Klaus Schwab is now, for them, without alternative. Critics and opponents are described as “nationalist”, “fascist” and “right-wing populist”. States like Hungary and Poland, which oppose the dictates of the EU and UN, are attacked and put under massive pressure. Obviously, the left is not even aware that they are making henchmen of Western expansionism, which they fought against in the past.

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