Hungary and Poland: Troublemakers of EU Tyranny

Both countries resist being treated like doormats by the EU tyrants.

Europe is faced with a “beast” that has two faces: Poland and Hungary.  These countries do not want to submit to the Eurocrats and all that these tyrants want to force down the throats of Europeans.

Hungary and Poland are not prepared to allow themselves to be treated as doormats by the Brussels technocrats who try to censor and prevent any dissent with perverse democratic mechanisms.

Democracy and a united Europe should not be like this. If democracy does not want to turn into a dictatorship, but remain a condition for the proper exercise of political power, then transparency must be its true face and fair discussion its essence.

However, Brussels does not tolerate dissent. On the contrary, the very existence of someone who thinks differently from themselves is a stubborn heresy for Brussels that must be stigmatized and punished. This reality is typical of totalitarianism: since the French Revolution, both hard and soft totalitarianism have been characterized without exception by what the German-American political philosopher Eric Voegelin (1901-1985) called “prohibition”.

In fact, anyone who even presumed to ask a question deviating from the script agreed to in advance by Brussels would stain the supposedly flawless cloak of power and make themselves intolerable. If revolutionaries are always the shining liberators, and if the policy decided by those who have the power to ostracize others is by definition the best possible, then anyone who persists in other hypotheses would just be an obscurantist in need of reeducation. From Lenin to Xi Jinping, real socialism, whether in blue suit or double-breasted, whether Asian or European, has always done this.

In Europe today, the exceptions are Poland and Hungary: because they do not have governments that the manipulators like, because they do not adapt, because they are not compliant.

Indeed, Poland and Hungary have decided that it is worth defying the Eurocratic Goliath to reaffirm the sovereign right of a country that is a member of a voluntary league like the European Union to have regulations that violate its own sovereign constitutions, to be rejected as unjust impositions. Especially in such crucial questions as the protection of life and family law.

The result was a tug of war that lasted for days. But now the EU is giving in, at least partially. A victory for those who do not want to be overwhelmed by the LGBTBBQWTF agenda and show that another Europe is possible. George Soros is not happy about this at all, and we are glad Soros is not happy about it. If you see what Soros is always happy about, then Poland and Hungary are on a very, very good path.

And I want to say that out loud and thank the governments of Poland and Hungary for the courage they are showing!

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