Female cows giving milk? Misogyny!

The food manufacturer Berle Farm has launched a new yogurt. The special feature: on the side of the container are the names of the cows that were involved in the production.

A photo of this creative idea was liked almost 600,000 times on Twitter, but one lefty has a massive problem with it. She writes:

“Notice how they named all the cows traditionally girl names? There is a deep connection between misogyny and consuming animals. “

So she literally complains that milk comes from cows. How should that be interpreted? The internet has a split opinion.

Can transgender cattle give milk?

In several hundred replies to the tweet by the user Roza, there was mainly scorn and ridicule. “I feel yogurt from a bull wouldn’t taste quite right,” someone suggests.

But there are also people who consider cow’s milk to be sexist too, as long as it only comes from biologically female cows. One user argues:

“The ability to give birth and milk is not important. What is important is the individual’s gender identity. “

Most people, however, agree that only female cows can give milk – which is bad enough given biological reality. One woman sums it up:

“Ok, I’m vegan myself and I definitely do not support the dairy industry,” writes one user, “but it is obvious that only female cows produce milk.”

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