Professor demands: Black votes should count twice!

Whether you have one or more votes in elections may vary, but one thing is the same: the individual votes all have the same weight. Brandon Hasbrouck – Assistant Professor at Washington and Lee University – would like to change that.

Assistant professor wants to change the constitution

Brandon Hasbrouck is an Assistant Professor at Washington and Lee University – his specialty is law. But instead of teaching current law, the professor draws attention to himself with demands for radical reforms.

In various articles he calls for the US constitution to be changed, the Supreme Court to be re-appointed and the police to be abolished. His starting point is always the same: The current laws and institutions are profoundly racist and come straight out of slavery.

Black votes should count twice – reason: Joe Biden’s narrow election victory

Brandon Hasbrouck’s latest call: Black voters should be counted twice as opposed to white American votesThe reason: The narrow election victory of Joe Biden showed that the electoral system in America is racist. The consequence would be a restriction of the voting rights of the white American population.

As an argument, Hasbrouck cites that despite the many votes black Americans gave to Joe Biden, the results in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin were “shockingly close”.

The assistant professor seems to ignore the fact that Donald Trump received more votes from blacks in this election than in 2016, as well as the fact that the 15th Amendment to the US Constitution, which in 1870 for the first time enshrined the right to vote for blacks.

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