2021 begins with Cancel Culture

Now the first headlines in 2021 were almost exclusively determined by the 2020 main topic Corona. Among other things, it was about who can or should be vaccinated and when, or who should have to … Many supporters of the new authoritarian virus class society have not yet given up their wet dream of the special rights for vaccinated people. Politicians have given such plans a clear rejection for the time being, but in the end, of course, as always, the big media will decide in which direction the government will allow itself to be pushed. Either way, a “return to normal”, if it ever happens again, is still a long way off.

Cancel culture is quick and easy. The book “Welcome to the Woke Trials” should have appeared in March, in which book the British polemicist, Julie Burchill, describes the phenomenon of opinion-terror by the self-appointed guardians of the grail of the brave new and above all progressive world, who definitely tolerate everything, apart from traditions and everything else that has always been.

The fact that this book itself has now been canceled sounds almost like part of a well planned PR campaign by the journalist known for her very provocative texts. The cancellation of her book from her publisher’s spring program was preceded by a dispute with the Guardian author, Ash Sarka, on Twitter.

An eight year old joke triggers the first cancellation of the year

The muslim Sarka had discovered a joke from an eight-year-old text by Burchill’s colleague, Rod Liddle, and tore it out of context to stir people up against the old, white man on the oh-so-woken platform. Because the latter quipped in his text, from a time when you were still allowed to joke, that he had never wanted to become a teacher because otherwise he would probably have gotten too close to his students, the politically active journalist now wanted to turn him into a pedophile.

Burchill jumped at her colleague’s defense by addressing the self-confessed Muslim Sarka rather harshly about the age of the Islamic prophet Mohammed’s wife (the marriage was consummated when she was 9), thus drawing the eye of the storm to herself. The Little Brown publishing house, whose authors include the embattled Harry Potter inventor Joanne K. Rowling, then cancelled Burchill’s contract. In the justification, the publishing house only referred to Burchill’s dispute with the Muslim Sarka.

The Julie Burchill case is a parable that describes the whole misery with the freedom-consuming monster called Cancel Culture in almost every way better than an author could construct. While the left-wing, Muslim, self-declared “anti-fascist” and communist Sarka, who had repeatedly attracted attention in the past with statements that were pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel, in 2018 even the anti-Zionist activist Ewa Jasiewicz, who once put “Free Gaza and Palestine” on a wall in Warsaw Ghetto, defended herself in her criticism of her right-wing colleague, Rod Liddle, no matter how defamatory it was; the Islam-critical and confessingly pro-Jewish Burchill, who jumped to the side of her colleague, became Persona non grata, even in her own publishing house.

In their own, and the public’s, perception, the warriors of so-called social justice are the good guys. The canceled author’s contract is seen by the pack, starving after the social annihilation of all dissenters, as another victory on the way to the anti-fascist paradise. The fact that some of those who believe they are the good guys even went so far as to shower their opponent with malice about their son’s suicide does not detract from the moral superiority of those who create cancel culture.

Good for those who do not rely on an intellectual pass from these ethically and intellectually neglected border guards of the permitted when writing, or simply do not care about it. This will not be easy in the New Year either. The danger of being struck down by the “morally legitimized guardians” of the politically correct extermination system remains and will (for the time being) increase. In this sense: Happy New Year!

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