Chinese regime continues to prevent corona clarification

The coronavirus broke out in Wuhan in autumn last year. But the Chinese government is still preventing international experts from clarifying the situation.

In the autumn of last year, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is said to have broken out in the megacity of Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei. But the communist Chinese government is still preventing international experts from clearing up the matter. Instead, they blame the rest of the world. Chinese state media are spreading rumors that the virus did not come from China but that it was brought into the country from outside.

For many months, experts from around the world have been trying to clarify the virus outbreak in Wuhan. But a full explanation is only possible with the help of the Chinese authorities and government. They are refusing to share any information, just as if there was something important to hide.

Beijing has recently prevented a team of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) from entering the country. The entry of the experts was stopped at the last minute. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed unusually clear criticism of China’s regime. 

Important questions still remain unanswered: From which animal and how did the virus spread to humans? Where was the exact location of this event? Was it the Wuhan meat market or the virus research lab nearby?

Doubts are also repeatedly expressed about the official corona numbers from China. The fact that a country with 1.4 billion inhabitants and repeated corona outbreaks should have fewer than 100,000 infected people is internationally doubted and not credible. It is feared that Beijing is keeping the real numbers a secret.

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