Devastation in the Capitol removed – devastation in democracy not

Now it is up to the future US President Joe Biden to pacify his country and its torn society – instead of fighting the culture war. The task of eliminating mistrust, overcoming divisions and dissolving hatred also concerns Canada.

Buildings can be restored and their interiors cleaned faster than eliminating distrust, overcoming division and dissolving hatred. That became clear at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency.  And that’s the legacy Joe Biden has to deal with as president. After the triumph of his Democrats in Georgia, too, he now controls both Houses of Congress. He can go two ways: follow the radicals in his party and try to pull through the Culture War against the defeated Trump supporters. He can strengthen radical groups like BLM and give them free rein. He can encourage spinning, such as adding an A-Women to the Amen that has been around for over 3,000 years, and pursue efforts to abolish the term parent, father and  mother, as has already been done in the House of Representatives.

In the future, the US (and Canada!) would be well advised to revise its electoral system in such a way that doubts about the legality of elections and thus the legitimacy of the presidents can no longer arise. And Joe Biden would do well to have any doubts really cleared up by an independent commission.

Unfortunately, little of this is currently visible and is unlikely to occur. The unsatisfied anger of the defeated and the desire to inflict pain on the supporters of the defeated by the election winner do not lead to reflection.

If Biden doesn’t build the bridge but deepens the trench, it’s not an American problem alone and none of our business. Canada as we know it today is (for now) Anglo-Saxon in the area of ​​tension with China and also with Russia due to its proximity to the US and our British roots. They were our “role model” in terms of democracy, rule of law, constitution and culture.

A new power is pushing forward: China, and with it an authoritarian approach to society, politics and the economy. The American crisis thus also becomes a crisis of values ​​on which Canada has leaned. And with that, our gaze immediately turns back to Canada. While the chaos of the last few days is being cleared up in the USA, chaotic days await us all with a government whose dilettantism in its corona policy is evident. 

With Trudeau’s willingness to unquestioningly bow to the latest leftist trends concerning race, gender, and authoritarian control, it looks like we’re swapping the US model of society for the Chinese one.

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