Hillary Clinton reacts to Trump cancellation like a first grader

The headlines to proclaim “Mrs. President” were already printed – and then Donald Trump became President: Hillary Clinton never got over her 2016 election defeat. She reacted accordingly to the deletion of Trump’s Twitter profile.

Clinton digs out an ancient tweet

On June 9, 2016, in the middle of the US presidential election campaign, Hillary Clinton, who was still confident of victory at the time, asked her rival Donald Trump to delete his Twitter profile. How the story continued is known.

After Donald Trump’s profile was finally deleted by the Twitter group last night, Clinton retweeted her request at the time – supplemented with a “done” tick as an addition.

Seldom has so much bitterness been seen in a single checkmark.  That she even remembered this tweet from almost 5 years ago is amazing.  That she would go back to it is pathetic.

Until well into the evening of the 2016 count, almost all polling institutes believed that Clinton would win. What was to become the greatest success of her life turned into her greatest defeat in a matter of hours.

The malice about Trump’s censorship by the platform may conjure up a smug smile on Clinton’s face. Nevertheless, she lost in 2016.

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