George Soros’s successor takes office with the Open Society Foundations

Political activist Mark Malloch-Brown lobbies for abortion, LGBTQ rights, transgenderism and the destruction of society as we know it

According to information from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Mark Malloch-Brown officially took over the central organization of the Soros-funded network on January 1, 2021.

Mark Malloch-Brown has long been the right-hand man of George Soros.

The two have a relationship that goes back more than thirty years. Soros valued Malloch-Brown as both a business and political advisor. Malloch-Brown has held top positions in the Soros network, including Vice President of Soros Quantum Fund and Vice Chairman of Soros Fund Management, and was a member of the Global Board of Directors of Soros Open Society Foundations for several years.

Malloch-Brown’s involvement in the Smartmatic company is particularly explosive.

Smartmatic is the voting software system that has been and is used in numerous US states (and in other countries) to count votes. Legal experts supporting President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign alleged that Smartmatic’s software was used to move votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and otherwise manipulate the vote count to help Biden fix a large deficit on election night to overcome Trump in important states.

Joe Biden’s enlistment as President of the United States will give the Open Society Foundations a further boost. Malloch-Brown’s intentions are clear: On-demand abortion, transgenderism, open borders, cutting police funding, decriminalizing drugs, and redefining marriage and family, to name a few.

With Joe Biden in power, Malloch-Brown will be able to export these ideologies across borders to the rest of the world in order to corrode the Western world and the whole civilized world from within.

The future of the Open Society Foundations will be shaped by political goals and Mark Malloch-Brown at the head of the Soros Empire will do everything in his power to implement his master’s sick worldview.

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