A new country. Time for secession.

In the first digital coup in history, the President of the US was robbed of practically all media channels and thus disempowered in the media. The reason, the lie spread around the world, including by Canadain corporate and state media, is that he had called for violence – but he explicitly called for people to go home peacefully. A law professor close to the so-called “Democrats” is currently warning that the corresponding “snap impeachment” (“rapid removal proceedings”) could be far more damaging to the constitution’s reputation than the storm that caused it. The reason: What Trump called for, namely “to make your voice heard in a peaceful and patriotic way” and to march to the sites of government, is now really quite common (the entire thread is worth reading, it starts with a surprisingly well-fitting Kafka quote). (Side note: Girl sniffing Biden has announced that he will first help those small businesses economically on their feet that are not run by whites. First of all, it is of course openly racist, but it is also cynical: It was the Democrats’ congenial antifa and BLM gangs, who plundered these very businesses in summer 2020 and set them ablaze.)

We are beginning to see more and more reasons why and how the ban on the US president really benefits the swamp. Anyone who points too loudly and successfully to the contradictions, lies and moral monstrosities of the swamp behind Biden could be dangerous to this very thing, and Trump could point them out very loudly.

Some reasons are purely practical: Andrew Cuomo, brother of CNN loudmouth Chris Cuomo and governor of New York, is currently announcing that “we” simply cannot stay closed until vaccination has reached critical mass; the costs are too high and there will be nothing left that can be opened; one must reopen the economy in a wise and careful way. It is almost literally the same as what was just said, before the media coup – by Trump himself – but was torn up by “the good guys” back then. I’d like to link it to you where Trump said it, but … it’s gone. History is literally being erased and rewritten before our eyes.

Some of the developments we are seeing in action today were actually foreseeable. In 2018, Facebook admitted that while Facebook and Twitter are officially banned and blocked in China , Chinese companies such as Huawei can access Facebook data (bbc.com, June 6, 2018 ). Huawei is not a company, but a department of the Chinese secret service.

I didn’t experience World War II but I know the Fascist and Communist regimes from my family’s stories and, of course, from teaching in Canadian schools (the greatest difference between first-hand reports and the “official” story spread by propaganda and schools is the description of the totalitarian as a stranger and distant; according to the reports of those who were there, the bad guys of that time are very similar in spirit to the “good guys” of today; what distinguishes them seems first to be the possibility of enforcement, what they have in common is the pleasure in stepping in step and causing harm to the deviator). 

Knowing very well that there were more difficult times than these, I realize: This is the hardest time that I myself have consciously experienced.

I know people who have just opened a store, from what they saved and borrowed, and who are now piling up debts, knowing more and more with each passing day that they will never be able to repay them. I know families where both parents lost their income overnight, became addicted to alcohol, fell out and split up – of some happy families from 2019 today, 2021, only a ruin remains. I know people whose personalities were broken in lockdown, with whom talking to today feels like a dark alien has hijacked the body (but we can make it our job to continue to meet them with love).

No, this is not a warning and it is not a reminder. This is an attempt to draw the maps of the new age, both big and small.

The new world is digital, in other words: the computer is changing from being a tool to a form of our social and emotional structure. Good for those whose job is also needed in a digital world. I know people who program computers or otherwise work on making the world even more digital – and several of them are also busy these days building new houses or making existing ones even more comfortable (and safer!).

The truth in the digital world is an artificial truth, a “truth of the day” determined from above, exactly as Orwell predicted. Good for those who do not get confused about the fact that they never know for sure what is true and what is not, and yet have the courage and wisdom to act in this uncertainty.

We are measuring the map of a new time, and of course the measuring must begin with ourselves.

If you can see that what you gave your life for is broken, and if you can rebuild it with your worn out tools, then the earth is yours and – what is much more – you will be a man.

This is a new time, this is a new country, and we are re-measuring it, wanting to take it back to our time and, by understanding our position in it, also to reclaim our country.

Admit to yourself that you are in a new country, in a new time – and have the courage to recognize the country and the time, but first re-measure yourself!

One thought on “A new country. Time for secession.

  1. Please count me on board with separating the US into two countries. It is a better solution that bloody civil war. I say let the lunatic fringe go off and run their new country into the ground, economically, socially and spiritually. Whilst we can follow the blueprints of our founding fathers. How do we get this ball rolling and start talking about drawing boundaries?

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