Transverse Waves banned from Twitter

I must be doing something right.

For the past week I have been fighting with Twitter to restore my account. Since January 7, one day after the Capital was stormed, I have been unable to access my Twitter account, although users can still see my old content after being “cautioned” about my dangerous content. All I got was a screen saying that the account was disabled. Other users see a screen saying the “account is temporarily restricted.” No amount of inquiries to the social media censorship bully could get them to explain the reason for this. Let’s face it, all I do is have WordPress automatically post a link on Twitter to all my articles.

No doubt the “unusual activity” on my account is having an opinion different from the One True Opinion, and, as we have now all found out, any dissent from this One True Opinion is equivalent to violence, murder and genocide.

Finally today, my access was surprisingly restored, again without explanation. But every single one of my followers has been removed!?

Most of my traffic comes from social media and google, and since January 7 there has been a huge drop-off in visitors, so don’t be afraid to leave a “like” or two, and consider making a donation using the buttons on the right. Thanks for your support!

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