Despite the vote, Trump’s impeachment is unlikely

On Wednesday, a majority of the US House of Representatives voted for the impeachment of US President Trump, including 10 Republicans. The reason: They say Trump was responsible for the run on the Capitol. The Senate will have the final say.

The Senate can not start the required procedure before the new President, Joe Biden, is sworn in on January 20th. Republicans say the Senate cannot remove a president retroactively anyway.

Biden allegations against Trump

For the impeachment of Trump the votes in the House were 232 ‘for’ ad 197 ‘against’. Biden said the violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6th was planned and coordinated by “political extremists and local terrorists who were incited to do so by President Trump” and he must be held accountable.  According to Mitch McConnell, Republican majority leader in the Senate, this process will not begin until the inauguration of the new US President on January 20. The Senate will not meet again until January 19.

No retroactive impeachment

The Senate has so far carried out three impeachment proceedings against presidents. They lasted 83, 37 and 21 days, respectively, Connell emphasized. The Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas denies the Senate has authority in this case. According to the constitution, this procedure applies to removing an incumbent president from office. The Senate could not act as a kind of court against a private person, which Trump will be after the end of his presidency.

Capitol Storm raises questions

The goal of the Democrats is to prevent Trump from running for president again by impeaching him. The storming of the Capitol serves as a lever. This is now being examined in detail. Among other things, whether it was an organized action with orchestration of the Antifa, who the intruders were and what role the Capitol Police played in it. The Capitol Police Chief responsible has since resigned. Among other things, the lax approach of his group in repelling the intruders is criticized. Videos can be seen that these doors have been opened and barriers removed. Trump called on his supporters several times that day to remain peaceful. He also recently emphasized that the law must be respected and that there should be no violence.

Americans support Trump

He also ensured a smooth transition to Joe Biden. Many Republicans criticized the actions of the Democrats. It would lead to even more hatred. After all, Trump got 10 million more votes in the November 3rd election than in 2016. Trump continues to speak of irregularities in this election – but all lawsuits have been dismissed by the courts. White House advisor Peter K. Navarro has compiled these allegations and solid evidence in a two-part report.

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