“We’re going to drag Trump out of the White House and torch everything”

BLM activist incited crowd to storm the Capitol

The “Black Lives Matter” activist John Earle Sullivan, 26, from Utah, confessed to the FBI that he was involved in the “Assault on the Capitol” on January 6th. Sullivan is said to have instigated the storming of the Capitol together with CNN photographer Jade Sacker and to have been present at the death of Trump supporter Ashli ​​Babbitt.

“We did it!” Cheered the CNN reporter in Sullivan’s camera shortly after the shot at Babbitt. She then asks him if he filmed it, to which Sullivan says yes. “Isn’t that going to be the best film of your life?” The leftist activist asks the journalist, and then assures her that he will delete the material, which he apparently did not do.

Sullivan, who appears under the name “Jayden X” for the left-wing radical group “Insurgence USA” and had traveled to an anti-Trump demo, was arrested on Thursday by the FBI for trespassing. In his speech at the “Kick These Fascists Out” demonstration, Sullivan called for “the whole shit to be burned” and “Trump out of the White House”. “We’re going to get this motherfucker now,” Sullivan said.

Photos show Sullivan in a camouflage-colored Trump hat in the Capitol building shortly afterwards. Sullivan comments on his now-removed “Insurgence USA” recordings while he tries to break a window. “Nobody saw that. It doesn’t have to be filmed.”  Then Sullivan works his way through a crowd to the door where Ashli ​​Babbitt was shot. “Let me through, I have a knife,” he says. Then Sullivan instigates the crowd to break down the door. “Come on! Let’s go!” He shouts, and then films other rioters trying to break down the door.

When an officer from the Capitol Police on the other side of the door pulls the gun, Sullivan yells, “He has a gun!” Then Ashli ​​Babbit apparently tries to climb through the window and is shot.

In a later shot in the Capitol Rotunda, CNN reporter Jade Sacker can be seen cheering with Sullivan: “Hug me! We made it! You were right!”  “I wanted to tell you”, Sulivan cheers, “but I couldn’t talk much.”

“It’s all fake,” Sullivan says in a later take on the camera. “I’m wearing a Trump hat. I bought one today. I wore it to the Trump demo,” Sullivan said. “I always say I’m a journalist. I always do that. I have a big camera on my shoulder.”

After “Storming the Capitol,” Sullivan and Sacker gave CNN presenter Anderson Cooper an interview about the storm. Cooper did not identify Sullivan as a left-wing activist who was arrested during the “Black Lives Matter” demos in Utah.

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