Facebook censorship: “Stop the steal” must not be written

“Stop the steal” – This is the slogan under which the critics of the US election gather, who oppose the fact that electoral fraud is not being punished in many US states. Facebook has now banned this slogan.

Facebook announced that all content containing the phrase “Stop the Steal” will be removed before Joe Biden’s inauguration day on Jan. 20 [see Epoch Times report].

Mark Zuckerberg’s company, which also owns WhatsApp, said it would remove all content that contained the phrase that supporters of President Donald Trump used to question the integrity of the 2020 general election. Trump supporters held several rallies across the country under the motto “Stop the Steal” after the November 3rd election.

The social media company says it wants to remove content that “could lead to further violence in the next few weeks.” Content is being removed according to the company’s policies, it said.

But with that it became clear once again that Facebook is not politically neutral, but one-sidedly censors critics of Democrats, and politically supports Joe Biden.

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