Kamala Harris’ trouble with the press

Harris has (almost) complete control over the media like in a dictatorship. The evidence is in the current Vogue affair: Kamala Harris poses on the cover of the February issue of Vogue – but the photo isn’t exactly what she expected. CNN reports:

“The hotly-debated image, which shows Harris in a black jacket and Converse sneakers, was not the one she had expected to run on the front of the print edition. A source familiar with discussions said Harris’ team believed the cover would feature her posing in a light blue suit against a gold background.”

According to CNN sources, Harris expected the “more casual” photo to be printed inside the magazine. Harris asked Vogue to change the cover photo, but it couldn’t because the booklet was already printed. What audacity!  To not follow the fashion whims of a future Vice President. “Critics” cited by CNN also complain that Harris’ skin looks “faded” on the cover page – too light. CNN quotes the racist playwright and lawyer Wajahat Ali, who wrote on Twitter that the Vogue editor-in-chief apparently does “not have black friends and Colleagues”. The racist Washington Post predictably criticized Vogue for not having “due respect” for the new racist Vice President, and that the photo “robbed Harris of her roses”. 

Unable to contain their race-baiting, the article goes on and on about how the photos were taken by blacks and the article was written by a black, and how black women should be treated the same way an audience treats a cute dog that goes on stage and is able to perform a simple trick.

“Both photographs were taken by Tyler Mitchell, who made fashion history when, in 2018, he became the first Black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover with his portraits of Beyoncé. The editor in charge of the Harris shoot, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, is also Black, as is Alexis Okeowo, the author of the accompanying story.”

“A bit of awe would have served the magazine well in its cover decisions. Nothing about the cover said, “Wow.” And sometimes, that’s all Black women want, an admiring and celebratory “wow” over what they have accomplished.”

And in what will likely be an extremely long list of lowering expectations, the Post reminds us how incompetent the new POTUS will be: “The picture reminds us that this incoming administration alone cannot save us.”


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