Viral on TikTok: White mother forces her children to worship black women!

A TikTok video with over 13 million views shows four boys in a playground. But instead of playing or sliding down the slide, they kneel on the colorful play mat, lean forward and worship black women.

Your children must worship black women – the reason is absurd!

Justine Champion’s short video went viral on TikTok, reaching over 13 million views by the time it was deleted by the mom of four. You can see her on a playground with her four children. But the little ones aren’t thinking about playing.

Instructed by their mother, they kneel on the floor, throw themselves forward with outstretched arms and worship black women with her. The reason for the strange behaviour, which is almost religious? Black women are responsible for preventing Donald Trump from being re-elected President of the United States.

Not all black women are excited about it

But not all white Americans believe that they are being humble towards black women. One TikTok user commented that she was black herself and that although she generally welcomed being worshiped, she is bothered by people who only do it for the click numbers.

Screenshot via Twitter

And on Twitter , too, users are more likely to be surprised or confused about the video. Striking: Blacks in particular find the cult that many whites have made around them since Black Lives Matter year 2020 very strange.

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