Big tech crushes dissent – it’s time to fight back!

Big tech cabal eliminates Parler: suppressing conservative voices isn’t the endgame of the radical left, it’s just the beginning …

The aftermath of the  events at the pro-Trump rally in Washington, DC, can still be felt, where some supposed supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol and disrupted the process of certifying the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It was an egregious breach of security and an unprecedented assault on the peaceful transfer of power that is a hallmark of our constitutional system of government. However, the left’s reaction to the situation was predictable, using the crisis as an opportunity to score political points at the Conservatives’ expense. All of this with the claim to want to “unite” the country in the most divided time in modern history.

In the last dwindling days of the Trump administration, the social media giants have their hands full crushing all dissenting opinions and silencing or erasing conservative voices.

For one, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram banned President Trump from their platforms, effectively eliminating his ability to communicate with his nearly 100 million social media followers. Just imagine: the President of the United States is being silenced here! They claim that the president was responsible for instigating the riot in the Capitol last week and that no further communication from him can be allowed. Ironically, their ban limited the circulation of President Trump’s excellent statement calling for the rioters to be fully prosecuted and pledging to aid in the peaceful transfer of power.

The actions of these social media giants were quickly followed by other key providers of the Internet infrastructure. At least one email provider from President Trump and his campaign – perhaps more – has banned him from communicating with his supporters. To top it off, the country’s dominant online credit card processor, Stripe, has banned the processing of any donations to President Trump’s campaign. In order not to be outdone, the country’s leading e-commerce platform – Shopify – has banned the sale of any goods it defines as being related to President Trump; they shut down several pro-Trump shopping sites. Even the streaming music website Spotify has banned President Trump from using its website.

As can be seen from what Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are doing to President Trump, millions of his followers flocked to rival social media platform, Parler. When conservatives complained for years about the censorship of their views by social media giants, we were told to build our own platform. That’s exactly what the founders of Parler did. Now that they have grown to the point where they attract a critical mass of users, Big Tech has proven that “building your own platform” was a lie. Apple, Google and Amazon have all openly joined the conspiracy against the Conservatives and had Parler switched off. They pretended to be concerned that the platform was being used for “hate speech” and that they were protecting the public due to insufficient surveillance. In reality, they want to deprive conservative opinions of all bases for exchange, so that the dangerous dissent against the politics of the left cannot gain a foothold. Parler is no longer functional.

This shattering of Parler follows the decision of the big tech cabal to ban or severely restrict discussion of the NY Post’s explosive report on Hunter Biden in the days immediately leading up to the November election. Our social media overlords decided this story didn’t fit into the narrative. Therefore, to protect Joe Biden, the story was shut down.

Suppressing conservative voices is not the radical left’s endgame; it is just the beginning. By driving the Conservatives out of the public eye, they are more able to smash our Constitution and our national traditions in order to push their radical agenda through.

First, House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi promises to indict President Trump again despite being in his last full week in office. She wants to tarnish Trump as the only U.S. president to be charged twice. She also hopes to prevent him from ever running for office again. To show how transparent this action is politically, Pelosi will apparently hold back the impeachment article to the Senate for almost four months in order not to distract the Senate from its work to support the new Biden government in confirming appointments and its own desire to move the agenda forward. Then, sometime in late spring, Democrats will demand Trump’s Senate conviction and discharge from office long after he has already left the country.

Legal scholars such as Professors Alan Derschowitz and Jonathan Turley have found that this move does great damage to the constitution because it exploits both the impeachment clause and the 25th Amendment clause. It would attack a president for alleged testimony – like comments on the Capitol rally. This means, de facto, that any president can be charged or removed from office for whatever reason.

But the left doesn’t care about the constitution any more than it cares about conservative voices or values. They are determined to push their agenda through at all costs. The Mayor of Washington, DC has called on Democrats to make the District of Columbia the 51st state within the first 100 days. The governor of Puerto Rico has also called for the Democrats to recognize it as a state. The country’s soon-to-be-new Senator, Raphael Warnock of Georgia, stubbornly refuses to answer questions about whether he will vote to expand the US Supreme Court to give Liberals a majority.

These and many other radical measures would require the Senate to abolish the filibuster rule, which effectively results in the need for 60 votes for most laws. If all Democrats stood firm, they could do so in a direct party vote. New Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has said this should be openly discussed, but Senator Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, has already stated that he will not vote for the filibuster to be abolished. Will he be able to withstand the pressures put on him by his peers and the radical left – no doubt reinforced by the Big Tech Overlords? Last month Manchin said he was “absolutely against” President-elect Biden sending $2000 checks to millions of Americans. Now he has apparently rescinded that position, with a spokesman indicating that he could change his mind “in due course”.

You can see that the radical left with its allies in big tech and corporate interests, along with a top-heavy elite, are reshaping America to consolidate their hold in power. Chuck Schumer promised us that this would happen if the Democrats won the two Senate seats in Georgia, which they did. That’s what this whole thing is about and it’s going to have extremely dangerous implications for all pro-family groups.

Once upon a time, the defenders of the natural family and traditional family values ​​were forced to debate the issues unilaterally. Hollywood, corporate interests, major sports leagues, celebrities, the LGBT lobby, and tech companies were firmly on the side against the family and traditional values. Little did we know that this situation, unfair as it was, could turn out to be the “good old days”.

We have to oppose these developments!

With Democrats soon to control the House of Representatives, the US Senate, and the White House, there is no hope that big tech will change its suppressive behavior anytime soon. I call on all Republican attorneys general to work together to bring antitrust lawsuits against every single participant in the big tech cabal. These companies must be smashed in the public interest. There is no other realistic alternative to eliminating the voice of half the country when it comes to politics, politics and our common future.

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