Great Reset founder Klaus Schwab speaks of a cyber pandemic after the pandemic

Reconstruction of society, transformation, redesign, digitization, the great reset … these are words that the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, likes to use. The multimillionaire was also involved in anticipating the pandemic with a simulation game – critics speak of a preparation. In July of the previous year, Schwab stepped up and warned of cyber attacks that could paralyze the power supply. As a result, supply chains would collapse and chaos would break out. His words could almost be taken as a threat, as he shows exactly what could happen if not everyone followed his suggestions.

If the virus is not enough, will there be a blackout?

If the pandemic doesn’t crash the economy, will a cyber pandemic follow and do the rest?

The WEF report “Building a Cyber-Resistant Electricity Sector is a Key Priority in the Post-COVID Era” states:“Cyberattacks on critical energy infrastructure pose a risk to energy systems, economies and societal welfare. The loss of power across a large region for an extended period would produce severe impacts for businesses, governments and wider societies. Over the past decade or more, the electricity industry has been undergoing a rapid and transformative digitalization of its ecosystem that has been essential to ensuring the reliability and continuity of power supplies during the pandemic. These digital technologies have amplified the level of interconnectivity and convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) – and are expanding the cyberattack surface for malicious actors to exploit. Without adaption, previously secure systems and environments become insecure.

In comparison, COVID is only a minor disruption

In the video on the occasion of a conference in July 2020, Schwab (without a mask) said that “we all know that the terrifying scenario of a widespread cyberattack could completely bring power, transportation, hospital services and our society to a standstill. The COVID-19 crisis would be seen as a minor disruption compared to a major cyberattack in this regard. “

How to get from a pandemic to a cyber pandemic is probably only known by Klaus Schwab himself. It can be assumed that he brings this warning into play in order to further advance digitization, which he regards as a basic requirement for the new world order he is propagating. Klaus Schwab presents himself in the video in front of the lettering of the World Economic Forum and the “Great Reset”. While Schwab seems to believe that he can give orders to the world, no people have chosen him as leader. That doesn’t change the fact that heads of government around the world court him and follow his instructions – because there is a lot of money involved.

Nonprofit organization

Klaus Schwab founded his foundation “World Economic Forum” in 1971; the business premises are located in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland. Since then, it has hosted the annual meeting at which leading international economic experts, politicians, scientists, social actors and journalists come together to discuss current global issues and to forge plans such as the Great Reset. The WEF Foundation is considered to be “non-profit” and in 2015 received the status of a non-profit organization.

Away from democratic structures

Particularly harsh critics describe this organization as mafia-like, not least because super-rich people who were not democratically elected want to make decisions about foreign countries. Money makes the world go round. Klaus Schwab is living proof of this. His dream is the fourth industrial revolution, which the sprightly-looking 82-year-old would definitely like to experience. He hopes that he will go down in history as the savior of humanity through the destruction of the economy in the industrialized nations and the “more sustainable” distribution of the economy worldwide. The opposite could be the case. Klaus Schwab is considered by some of his opponents who know the plans for the Great Reset as a devil in human form.

Contributing to the destruction of the economy

The suspicion that Schwab has not only planned the deliberate destruction of industry in all industrialized countries, but is now also involved in its implementation, should contribute to bringing him to justice in constitutional states. No one alone should have such a power as Schwab. It would be time for the judiciary to take on these structures and the people behind the current developments and order a detailed investigation. All over the world, livelihoods are being destroyed to advance the Great Reset agenda. It is unknown how many human lives are already or will be mourned by suicide or hunger.  We don’t want to hope so, but if things continue like this, riots are to be feared. There is still hope that the rule of law will prevail.

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