Biden & Harris: Return of Globalist Politics

Stop building the wall, illegal immigrants become legal

On the first day, Joe Biden started to turn back Donald Trump’s politics. The US returns to WHO and the Paris Climate Agreement.

On his first day, Joe Biden started to turn back Donald Trump’s policies. He signed decrees and legislative plans to repeal numerous Trump laws and edicts.

While Donald Trump tried to give the US back an independent political direction, the globalists are now at work again.

The US will return to the WHO (World Health Organization) and back to the Paris Climate Agreement. The entry ban for travelers from countries with a terrorist base, which was introduced in the course of the fight against terrorism, is now lifted. The deportation of illegal migrants will be stopped. The construction of the wall with Mexico will be stopped, which the Mexican government welcomed. Migration to the USA and the change in demographics there will continue to run.  Migrant caravans from Honduras are already making their way to their first stop in Mexico.

You can put it this way: Biden is doing exactly the opposite of what Trump did. It is the complete reverse of a US policy that puts America and Americans first.

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