Against his will: Leftist cremates dead father and throws him in the trash because he supported Trump!

Nothing is sacred for the left.

“I denied my Trump-supporting father a proper burial”

Whenever you think that leftists can no longer shock with their depravity, something new comes along. A Reddit user admitted under the title “I denied my Trump-supporting father a proper burial” to have violated his father’s dying wishes. The account has since been deleted, but the contribution has been saved.

“My Trump supporting Father died on 10/18/2020. I was the estate executor, so I had him cremated against his wishes. I donated my 1/3 of the estate to Planned Parenthood. His ashes are sitting in the garage, and waiting for a proper garbage day.”

“WTF, actually that’s a good contribution!”

Of course, one can argue that it is not certain whether this is a bad joke. In fact, many leftists seem to sympathize with the idea of letting their dead father rot in the trash:

“A lot of people are saying that they shouldn’t have done this because of politics but the thing is, politics can affect people heavily. Since the dad is a trump supporter, there’s a good chance the dad is antilgbtq and/or racists. So based on that alone, this can be justified.”

He deserved it, change my mind.”

So not supporting White Supremacists is a bad thing now?

“WTF, this is actually a good post!”

“Well, maybe he shouldn’t have been homophobic white supremacist, how about that?”

Nothing is sacred to the left!

Time and again they prove that leftists tend to attach little value to both human life and the memory of the dead. We have already seen that leftists insulted judge Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, who was also a leftist, because she died “at the wrong time”.

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