Twilight of the left? Richard Wagner becomes Canada’s new head of state.

Trudeau’s pick is forced to resign for incompetence.

Julie Payette, Canada’s now-former Governor General, resigned on Thursday following a damning report by an independent investigator.  Ms. Payette, who was appointed because of the number of her X chromosomes and her native language (French) rather than her competence, has faced years of accusations of workplace bullying.  She continued to explain away her behaviour by claiming “we all experience things differently.”

The writing was on the wall of Ms. Payette’s fitness for Canada’s head of state even before her appointment.  In 2011 she ran over and killed a pedestrian in Maryland.  Later that year she was charged with assaulting her husband, although the charges were later dropped.  In typical Liberal fashion, Justin Trudeau chose to ignore these warning signs and focus only on Ms. Payette’s gender; her only qualification for the post.

Ms. Payette is the latest in a long list of incompetent women appointed to prominent positions by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould was forced out of cabinet and the Liberal Party for not being a team player.  She was followed out by Jane Philpott, President of the Treasury Board (and Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s suspected lesbian lover).  Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Minister of International Development, was given her ministry not only because of her X chromosomes but also because of the colour of her skin.  She made such a mess of the ministry that she was moved to the back benches after a disastrous tenure.  Ms. Caesar-Chavannes’ toxic personality resulted in her throwing a temper tantrum over the move, and was soon forced to ‘resign’ from the Liberal Party.

Canada’s new interim Governor General is Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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