Bizarre: Are transgender people the “better women” for Biden?

Joe Biden has been president for less than three days as the successor to Donald Trump – and no stone has been left unturned. The mainstream rejoiced at the weakening of the laws against illegal immigrants. The return to the uncritical attitude towards the WHO and radical system change fantasies under the guise of climate protection also pleased the elites. Sleepy Joe’s very strange impulses for more so-called “diversity,” especially for transgender people have almost gone unnoticed. These individuals are now allowed to take part in women’s competitions and one is even a cabinet member.

The subject of a “diverse” cabinet is of course months old. With his freestyle pick of Kamala Harris – a black woman – to be his vice-president, which was probably more a virtue signal than a political strategy (if these can be considered separately these days), the topic was largely exhausted. So a little more glitter is needed to appease quickly outraged snowflakes. And we find our unicorn in the first transgender cabinet member in American history.

Transsexuals Mastering the Pandemic Plan

Biden’s choice for Vice Minister of Health fell on Dr. Rachel Levine, who was born a man. This person was previously responsible for managing the health of the Corona crisis in Pennsylvania and advocated strict lockdown measures and particularly rigid social distancing rules. In addition to the fact that he comes from Biden’s home state, the qualification is be that, as with Harris, several boxes on the minority checklist can be ticked off.

For the average citizen, it doesn’t really matter whether a Catholic admiral or a transsexual Jew forbids them from basic rights and freedoms and from interpersonal contact, as well as imposing a hastily developed vaccination. Just as it was no relief for the Syrians that a black Nobel Peace Prize winner bombed their country into the Stone Age. For the new left, who rely on identity politics, such postings are like Christmas and Easter together, because they think they are one step further on the way to becoming a “new person”.

(Ex-) men suddenly in women’s competitions

How dangerous and absurd is this symbolic politics. Played for the benefit of every minority possible notwithstanding a public health emergency; Biden also provided this evidence on the first day of his presidency. In order to show his virtue, he issued a regulation that people who identify as “transgender” can now take part in women’s sports competitions. According to the do-gooders, this has supposedly to do with progress. You do everything for minority rights – no matter how meaningless or harmful to wider society.

For athletes who train self-sacrificingly, however, this is a slap in the face. After they struggle from morning to evening in order to reach the top, they now have to hold their own against people who have completely different physical requirements. In many sports, men have biological advantages – and it is precisely there that these men despise the honest performance of biologically female athletes. 

The Jenner case as a possible warning shot

It is the absurd tip of a development that has been going on for years. A few years ago, the award of a prize for the “Woman of the Year” went to the 1976 decathlon Olympic champion, who became Kaitlin Jenner, was astonishing because of the open approach to his own reassignment. The message conveyed to women: “Now biological men are better than you even at being women”. The mainstream even likes to package it as an emancipatory act. 

That particular case also shows what the new “Executive Order” from Biden could do. If Jenner had competed in the heptathlon back then as a “trans woman” – it would be a world record that could never be surpassed (by women, at least), because his level of performance in the respective disciplines would have exceeded the women’s world record, which has been in place for 33 years and has been unattainable, by over 500 points.

So it is not about whether you want to deny people who tragically do not feel comfortable in their body and therefore want to “change gender”; that is a decision about their life. No critic denies them this right. But an unfair situation arises because that desire alone cannot push the biological realities aside. 

Possible rogue and betrayal of talents

In many cases, athletes who underperform as men could enroll with women and win one award after another as alleged transgender people. In the US sports system, which relies particularly heavily on sports scholarships at universities, many talented females will be passed over because a male competitor steals their place.

The consequences are broad. An ambitious coach could persuade an unsuccessful athlete to give it a try as a woman. The higher the prize money, the more tempting the offer. To declare oneself as a supposed transgender could become a kind of “doping of the 21st century”. For me as a passionate sports spectator, such competitions would then be definitely uninteresting.

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