China is infiltrating western democracies

Secession and independence for those of us willing to carry on the Greatness of Western Civilization.

China’s rise to world power can no longer be stopped. The Communist Party still holds the reins of power firmly in its hands. Now China is reaching for global influence.

Universal human rights, democratic decision-making and the rule of law in the western world are threatened by the Chinese Communist Party. This is part of a global program to influence international politics, world trade and the global economy. The Chinese government is able to use enormous economic and technological resources to expand its influence.

There are large-scale campaigns to infiltrate institutions in Western countries. In addition, attempts are being made to bind the western elites to China. Influence is exerted on all possible institutions (EU, UN) and (rich) individuals. Resistance is only half-hearted. In the end, according to the Beijing government’s plan, there will be a new world order with China at the forefront.

The culture of the entire world is also considered, because it is important to the rulers in Beijing to be able to influence the narratives of our time. In the end, it is also about the image of the People’s Republic of China. And above all, it is about preventing the emergence of a critical opposition at home and abroad.

This is a wake up call and a warning to anyone who trivializes the rise of China. China’s path to becoming a superpower is certainly a success story – not only from the Chinese perspective. But for the world it means that we are more controlled and influenced by China. Our freedom is at stake.

The United States was formerly able to resist China, but decades of weak policy allowed China’s rise to a globally dominant power.  Donald Trump attempted to reverse the trend, but was thwarted by Sleepy Joe and his Chinese allies that bought the election.  The most logical response is secession and independence for those in the US (and elsewhere) that have the spirit to carry on with the greatness of Western Civilization.

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