Coincidences that may not be

On the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, the WHO announced that it had changed its previous guideline on the use of PCR tests. 

I try hard to immunize myself against all the conspiracy theories. But what use is the best will when reality makes it so difficult?

A new example: On the day of the inauguration of the new US President, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had changed its previous guideline on the use of PCR tests. Accordingly, a positive result of this test is no longer an indication of a Covid 19 infection. Rather, a second test including a clinical diagnosis is necessary to determine a positive result.

What is wrong with this? First, the timing: Donald Trump, under whose presidency the US withdrew from the WHO, had just left the White House for a successor who immediately arranged for a return to the WHO. And the WHO, already no stranger to modifying guidelines that create completely different conditions, for example for lockdown measures, thanked Sleepy Joe. These new guidelines now allow the new President to forego such unpopular measures with a clear conscience. His predecessor, on the other hand, had been branded irresponsible for his resistance to lockdowns. Should all this really be a purely coincidental synchronicity of two events?

Second, I am irritated that I did not get the information about the WHO swivel about tests from the mainstream media or from the government, but once again from so-called “social media”. Despite the recent wave of censorship, there are still a few ways to get hold of “uncomfortable” facts that are even likely to shake the Canadian lockdown policy. Because if the mass PCR tests are no longer a reliable indicator of a Covid 19 infection, then the previous requirements for both countless quarantine measures and for the imposition of drastic coercive measures will largely go away.

However, such a change of direction from Prime Minister Trudeau would be neither politically nor personally reasonable. It is sad enough that after almost 20,000 statistically recorded Canadian corona deaths, he is still celebrated as an internationally acclaimed political miracle weapon against the pandemic.

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