The Navarro report reveals the worst electoral fraud in US history

On January 20th, the leftist Democrat Joe Biden was sworn in as the new US President. Trump speaks of a “stolen election” with many irregularities. To what extent this is true, Peter Navarro, advisor to the White House, showed in his reports titled “Immaculate Deception”, “The Art of the Steal” and “Yes, President Trump won”. Accordingly, Biden should not be the rightful US president.

The three-part Navarro report exposes in detail what is probably the most unabashed electoral fraud in US history. He looked at a large number of lawsuits, thousands of testimony, photos, videos, analyzes, etc. and examined the fairness and integrity of the election on November 3, 2020 based on six categories. The six states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin he charges with the following violations: open election fraud, incorrect handling of ballot papers, contestable rule violations, disregard of the principle of equality, irregularities in the counting machines, unusual statistical deviations.  If only a small part of the votes he looked at had been classified as “illegal”, the next US President would be again Donald Trump.

Navarro speaks of a coordinated strategy to manipulate the electoral process in favor of Biden and a massive failure of the US judiciary.  All courts dismissed the Trump lawsuits on procedural grounds. Democrats in the key states pushed the use of postal votes, relaxing the rules allowing them. The unsolicited delivery of postal voting cards to all voters was widespread. Legal and illegal voting card mailboxes appeared. Illegal “electoral vote harvesting” took place and the use of dubious electronic devices or software was commonplace. With further measures, the Democrats relaxed the test criteria for voting cards and unilaterally changed electoral regulations.

On November 3, at midnight, Trump was winning in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter, a flood of postal ballots arrived. In the end, Biden led there by a thin margin. What happened?

Chamber of horrors of fraud

Navarro lists: forged and destroyed ballot papers, election abuse, unauthorized and multiple voters, votes from the deceased and “ghost voters” , multiple vote counting, bribery, etc. The Biden team bribed Native Americans in Nevada, for example with Visa gift cards, jewelry, etc. Truckloads of ballots rolled out of New York.  Georgia had 20,000 “ghost votes” and nearly 100,000 votes from non-state voters. In Pennsylvania, 8,000 deceased voted. 75,000 postal ballot papers went missing in Arizona. They were believed to have been destroyed and replaced by blank ballot papers with pro-Biden votes. 15,000 voters in Nevada also voted in other states. The Detroit voting tables featured people born around 1900.

Stuffed full of ballot papers

Ballot papers were entered into the counting machines several times. People dressed up and voted multiple times. There were only lax ID checks – if at all. In Georgia with 1.2 million postal votes, this caused massive doubts. Postal ballot papers without an envelope, opened envelopes or those without a postmark were accepted, voting boxes were transported unattended and illegally set up.  Republican election observers were prevented from working. In Georgia, 300,000 people were allowed to vote despite missing the application deadline. Although incorrectly completed ballot papers are invalid by law in approximately 30 states, thousands have been “repaired” for inclusion in the counting machines and the dates on the envelopes “adjusted”.

Corrupt counting machines

The Dominion system with a high error rate and Smartmatic software was in use in 28 states. In Michigan, 6,000 Trump votes went to Biden. Something like that in Georgia. Dominion machines were also said to have been connected to the Internet for a time, which is fueling the worst fears about election manipulation. In the case of the signature verification devices, the degree of precision of the image quality was massively reduced, which affected 130,000 postal votes in Nevada. The routine rejection rates of ballot papers were amazingly low in comparison with other elections: in Pennsylvania, Nevada and especially in Georgia it fell from 6.8% (2016) to 0.34% in the previous year. Republicans estimate that 60% of the unrejected absentee ballot votes were for Biden, giving him an additional 16,264 votes. Curious: the voter turnout was over 100% in some cases.

One thought on “The Navarro report reveals the worst electoral fraud in US history

  1. This is what happens when you let just anybody vote, you end up with Joe biden. I’m all for democracy, but not universal suffrage. Only people that have a stake in the country should be allowed to vote, and who love their country.


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