Biden’s term of office begins with more plagiarism

Joe Biden’s appointment as US president began as much of his time in the senate and as VP has proceeded: with plagiarism. When the new president arrived, the marching band played a piece called “Godspeed”, which is said to have been written especially for Biden. In fact, it was the symphony “Finlandia” by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius composed in 1900.

These things will happen to the old man in the White House. Not only does he particularly like to touch and smell young children or do business with dubious partners, he is now charged with plagiarism on his first day in office. The marching band played a piece that was said to have been written especially for Joe Biden, called “Godspeed” and a Major Ryan Nowlin of “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band claims to have written it. Major Nowlin is no stranger to the Democrats. At the beginning of Obama’s second term in office, he was also responsible for the music arrangements. He also wrote a piece of music honoring the first blacks in the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Major Nowlin has always known how to insinuate himself with the “mighty” people.  He only took time off when President Donald Trump was in office.

To introduce Joe Biden, the band played the piece of music that Nowlin allegedly composed for the day. But anyone who has ever listened to any amount of classical music will have recognized something amiss. Because what they heard was anything but a new composition by Major Nowlin. On the contrary, it was the well-known symphony “Finlandia” op 26, premiered in 1900, by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. He wrote it as a reminder that Finland had been under the control of the Russian tsar since 1809 and was striving for independence (which it finally obtained in 1917 after the peace of Brest-Litovsk).

Anyway: Major Ryan Nowlin copied the music and Biden’s entourage waved through the plagiarism. Now Biden is in trouble because the copyright for “Finlandia” will not expire until 2027.  Oops!  But that’s what you get when you hire people due to their politics and not their ability.

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