Tough times for leftist psychology since Joe Biden

Cognitive dissonance and doublethink

Let’s imagine two US presidents. In his first term in office, the first succeeded in the greatest increase in new jobs since Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, he withdrew the military from the middle east, and was the first president in almost 70 years who did not involve his country in a military conflict and calmed tensions with an aggressive Nuclear power.

The second had once been the vice-president of a president who, through inaction and false evidence, started one of the most barbaric wars in the Middle East, made it possible for an aggressive mullah regime to continue nuclear armament through a negligent nuclear deal, and ensured that rows of Islamist dictators in the Arab hemisphere came to power.

With the inauguration of the first president, the importance of social media in politics increased sharply, as he used Twitter for direct communication with his electorate and used it to explain his respective policies to the population.

Even before the second president took office, after his election, which is still questionable to this day, the same social media companies ushered in the biggest wave of censorship in history by banning, deleting or “de-platforming” everything and everyone who does not want to follow the new global socialist course.

And last but not least, tens of thousands of hopeful Americans attended the inauguration of the first president. At the inauguration of the second: soldiers.

And now the big question: which of the two presidents is, in the eyes of the western left and the mainstream media, the fascist? (DM)

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