Great Reset: The world of work is also to be turned inside out

The Great Reset changes everything, even the way we live and work. At the World Economic Forum the agenda speaks of “Resetting the future of work”. Our working life should become digital – and socially isolated.

At the World Economic Forum it becomes clear that there is nothing that is not subordinated to the Great Reset.

The future of work is presented in a working paper entitled “Resetting the Future of Work Agenda: Disruption and Renewal in a Post-COVID World” .

It’s about designing the future of work as the elites believe it should develop in the time after the Corona crisis. The idea: more digital work, more online services, more networking, more home office. In ten years, it is calculated that around a billion people will be working from home.

According to the future plans of the World Economic Forum as part of the Great Reset, the main aim is to revive “Stakeholder Capitalism”.

What is not mentioned in the report is the negative impact such developments are already having: In the wake of the lockdown, online retail is growing and local retailers are going out of business. The cities are empty because people stay home, hundreds of thousands of businesses are about to go bankrupt. Along with the shops, the restaurants in the cities are also disappearing. An important element of social life is lost. Instead, there is a growing risk of online surveillance and control of citizens via the Internet. Is that supposed to be our auspicious future?

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