BBC indoctrinates elementary school students with gender propaganda

The BBC video claims in all seriousness that there are over 100 other genders besides men and women.  Ideologues are abusing the lockdown for their gender propaganda. 

Among the materials of the publicly funded BBC that are officially intended for the already absurd teaching of “sex education” is a film in which children address their questions about gender identity to adults. No need to mention that it is hardly the main interest of most 9 to 12 year olds what the difference between “gender queer” and “bi-gender” is; the answers are also deeply insightful into the psychology of the producers. In “distance learning”, the message often reaches the student without any context or discussion by the teacher.

A controversial thesis

There are lots of gender identities. Coming out as a transgender is a way to happiness.  These are just a couple of the portrayals that the film gives completely uncritically, as if they were mathematical equations or philosophical mnemonics. The fact that the administration of hormones, for example, to children and adolescents who need them to prepare for a possible gender reassignment is highly controversial, is not mentioned at all.

In Great Britain, this film is a scandal among many parents.  It is doubly problematic that this type of propaganda is reaching the children unfiltered, because the Conservative government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last year that materials dealing with these sensitive topics should only be passed on to children with extreme caution.

Again: The whole thing is aimed at 9 to 12 year olds, and at that age, at least we boys thought normal girls were half aliens anyway. Which 15,000 identities a “Gender Studies” graduate would come up with is just as alien to us at this happy time. On the island they can no longer get by with this rather disturbing question for their age.

Manipulation with a system

For the average Englishman, it just looks like another case of totally uninhibited “political correctness”. In reality, this indoctrination has meanwhile become a system for our youngest children well before an appropriate age; and it is spreading throughout the entire western world. Critics are not allowed to have their say. They are shouted down with catchphrases like “homophobia” and “transphobia”. Not even left-wing, feminist bestselling authors such as J.K Rowling are safe from being abused when they question expressions such as “people who menstruate” as a suppression of the concept of women.

The ideological approach of a small minority, that you can “choose” your gender, becomes an allegedly incontrovertible truth, a doctrine. At the end of this development, a series of master’s theses are also thrown back in natural science subjects because “non-binary” people do not appear in statistical evaluations. The fact that male-born athletes are allowed to compete in women’s competitions is only the tip of the iceberg.

Propaganda under a scientific guise

And this identity politics is a hobbyhorse of large parts of the political left, whose representatives today mimic the rebels, although their like-minded compatriots sit in all institutions. They decide what the state of “research” is – and sometimes sit at the media and political tables of power to decide what is presented to today’s youth and presented as a “fact”. 

You want to shake the biological realities

Alleged “fact checks” are presented to dispel common “myths”. Sexual preferences are constantly changing – and “even a person with a penis can be a girl.” Not to mention the vulgar language in some of the other videos.  For the ideal of the “new man” they want to break up traditional roles; and the role of “Man and Woman” as a biological norm is a particularly big thorn in their side.

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