A global surveillance state is emerging before our eyes

Big Tech and freedom of expression on the Internet after Donald Trump’s Twitter ban. 

The globalist left in alliance with Big Tech wants to”muzzle anyone who does not believe in their truth.  Anyone who dares to have a different opinion than them is a heretic, an enemy, a climate and corona denier, a hate speaker, a racist, a Nazi.

These free thinkers have to cease to exist on social media; that is the goal of cancel culture and de-platforming. Behind it stands the alliance of the cultural Marxists with the big tech corporations.

They have a division of labor: The terrorist hordes of leftist Antifa and Black Lives Matter intimidate political opponents with physical violence, they mob unpopular scientists from the university, boycott and attack companies and desecrate monuments.  They are loud and dirty. The extinguishing armies of Big Tech’s platforms delete, block and withdraw reach,  destroy competitors, cut organizations off from their donors, users, consumers, quietly and dirty, without law, millions of times – pure arbitrariness.

These so-called “fact checkers” are a “Ministry of Truth” – and “what is left is true; left is good, right is bad – and this Ministry of Truth is a World Ministry of Truth, a very powerful one. Half a dozen corporations worldwide control the network, the platforms, the payment systems, the entire technical infrastructure: Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon , Microsoft and PayPal. At the ‘putsch’ of a button by a handful of big-tech billionaires, Messrs. Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Pichai and Nadella, anyone in the world can be banned and digitally wiped out – and they do it, millions of times over, every day. They are the most powerful men in the world.

After the incumbent American President Trump was blocked on Twitter, Amazon pulled the plug on an entire alternative platform, Parler, and tens of millions of users with it. In the 21st century, however, access to the digital public space is part of basic services such as water and electricity.  Monopolists should not silence citizens because of a “wrong” opinion.

The Polish government has presented a landmark law: What Polish courts have not banned may no longer be deleted; otherwise there are large fines for the corporations. In Canada and the US, it is exactly the other way around: Censorship is not punished, but not censoring is punished.

We are facing a turning point: A global surveillance state and a censorship regime that is as perfect as it has never existed in human history is emerging before our eyes. As in most other things these days, we are only surpassed by China in this area. This is digital totalitarianism. We have to stop it – for the freedom of expression of the citizens, for democracy, against the totalitarianism of big tech and against the rule of Silicon Valley.

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