Only 48 hours in office: Biden invades Syria

Hurray, the globalists are back!

Less than 48 hours after his inauguration, Joe Biden initiated his first US invasion of another country. A military convoy of around 40 vehicles with helicopter support rolled into northeast Syria from Iraq on January 21.

The convoy was accompanied by around 200 helicopters landing troops, as the Israeli reported with reference to the Syrian news agency SANA. 

At the end of 2020, President Donald Trump ordered the last US troops to be withdrawn from Syria. Trump was the first US president since Jimmy Carter who had not started a new war, but instead focused on his own country and, against the opposition of many generals, brought the troops home from Syria and Afghanistan.

With Joe Biden, the globalist world police seem to be back.

At the same time, it became known that the Biden administration, who guarded the inauguration in Washington, had housed 5,000 National Guardsmen in a one-toilet parking garage at temperatures just above zero.

When ex-President Trump found out about it, he offered all soldiers who needed it accommodation in the luxury Trump International hotel ($700 / night). Many soldiers gratefully accepted the offer. The Republican governor of Florida ordered the Florida National Guards to return home immediately: “They are not Nancy Pelosi’s vassals.”

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